Chris Hundak

Chris Hundak is a 26 y/o space engineer specialized in global ship maintenance for long distance travel.


Physical attributes

Before encounter with the Neomorph

1m76, athletic with ample hips and buttocks. No particular defect, allergies or recurrent problems. She is quite healthy and resilient.
Natural red hairs.
B cup breasts, with average areola and nipples.
Normally functional genitals of average size.

After encounter with the Neomorph

1m80, slightly more fat and muscle tissues overall, more endurance and overall organic resilience.
K cup breasts (?) with gigantic and protruding areolas, erect nipples bigger than a thumb.
Mammary glands capable of producing large amounts of milk (15 times more than an average woman).
Bloated genital area, with protruding vaginal lips and clitoris.
Sexual fluid secretion dramatically increased.

Mutation Historic

[The following are interpretations of data from the Eluva]

Chris came into contact with a natural neomorph (as opposed to an artificially bred one) that was present in the Eluva on their way to Z-375. The origin of the creature is unknown.

The “bonding phase” (building up of the biological bonds between the neomorph and it’s partner) lasted 2 weeks, and followed a basic and very stable cycle :

Sexual intercourses with insemination followed by a period of nurishment on Chris mammary glands then a rest of 4-6 hrs. Between each cycle a period of sudden growth would occur for both the Neomorph and Chris.

After 2 weeks both of them had reached their “final form”, having grow dramatically.

This particular neomorph specimen shows very good characteristic for its species, not unlike Chris. That similarity may explain the smooth bonding and link between the 2 and also the cause of the intensity of their sexual relationship.

Chris has all the attributes of the submissive partner in the BioLink : the mutation is instantiated by the neomorph that has the upper hand in term of biological influence with its pheromones, while Chris doesn’t produce any pheromones that influence the neomorph.


Activities / Skills / Profession  

Ship maintenance for long distance travels for the company “Stellary”. She made three  6 months long missions in the solar system (2 alone) and proved to be quite adapted for these kind of situations.  

She is in her way to Z-375 on the tanker Eluva.

She is apt for global maintenance of spaceships, assuming she has the help of automated workers and onboard computers. She has manifested a strong interest in exploring remote alien worlds.

Mental attributes

Solitary individual, she doesn’t have much problems with isolation. It is probably linked with her very positive and cheerful attitude toward life. That capacity to be alone and stable makes her a perfect candidate for long distance / solitary travels hence her profession.

She has a very stoic mind, capable to avoid falling into mental despair over uncontrollable variables of her situation, if this is very useful in stressful situations but this makes her a somewhat intimidating/cold person to be with as she doesn’t always understand that not everyone shares her mental.


Sport, being active and working on stuff. She has a thing for management and ordering. She likes to read (anything of quality) and write very clear reports.

Doesn’t like

Disorderly / too emotional people. Spiders.  


[Data is being reviewed and will be posted when approved]