The Elode

On humans 

[Specific study case of females, males are also potential hosts but in a lesser measure]

Example of the implantation process followed by seed injections on a sleeping subject.

The egg vessels can be added (as new organs being implanted) and/or they can be rearrangements of already existing cavities. There is a total of 6 possible place of implantation in the human female body.

Rearranged cavities (they keep they original functions but these might be less efficient when fully filled) :

  • Mouth & Stomach
  • Vagina
  • Anus

Added organs (are those who can bear the most seeds and are the prioritized implants by the Elode) :

  • Navel vessel
  • Breasts vessels

The seed vessels are capable to nurture the seeds of the Elode and maintain them in a healthy state by using the host’s nutrients. The external part, composed of a slit surrounded by pink lump of fleshes is an erogenous zone sensible to stimulation. The internal layer of the seed vessel is also erogenous, but more sensible to extension, the partner feels great sexual satisfaction by filling the vessel.

As time goes by, the frustrations caused by the seed vessel grow if they are not used to carry seeds. It is possible to use artificial contraption to stimulate the vessel and get some satisfaction, but nothing come close to the sensations of getting filled with Elode seeds for the mutated partner. Once the vessels are filled, a new craving will emerge, compelling the partner to seek a distant healthy environment for the seeds to grow. These cravings are adapted to the Elode’s reproductive needs and become stronger when the host is near an Elode plant (through pheromones). These impulses aren’t debilitating and the partner will remain largely in control, they are similar to a soft drug addiction, however the more the vessels are used and the more contacts the host will have with Elodes, the more these cravings will grow in strength. The intense remodelling of the pleasure center of the
partner aren’t to be underestimated and any contact with the Elode should be limited as much as possible.

Host sexual cycle


After the full implantation and growth of the seeds vessels in the partner body, most of the time the Elode will implant it’s seeds, starting the first cycle for the partner.

Once the seeds vessels are full, the partner will have a powerful orgasm (the process of being filled is already very pleasurable).

Nurturing phase

After that the sensations and craving come to a stop, to motivate the partner to leave the Elode’s vicinity. During a period that can vary between half a day to a week, the host will not have much cravings. The seed vessels are surprisingly resilient and once they are fully filled with seeds, the openings will close, trying to empty them by force is painful. Massaging the full vessels is agreeable for the partner .  


Once the partner will reach a hospitable environment, the seed vessels will loosen and start to contract to expulse the seeds automatically, this process is very pleasurable and uncontrollable by the host and may lead to socially awkward situations. The release can last up to 40 minutes depending on the quantities of seeds and willingness of the host to assist the process (with massages for ex.).

Passive phase

Once the vessels are empty there is another period of rest that can last for a few days, after that the host will experience an increase desire to get filled and frustrations (sensation of emptiness) that will come and go. If the usage of toys can help reduce these, the only way for the host to feel “correctly full” is to get in contact with the Elode and to start the cycle again.    

In human societies

Some human groups have harvested Elode plants and are using them for recreational purposes in the distant fringe colonies. In these case we can observe that many have used it as a way to enhance sexual pleasure and play, some groups have even started to create sex-toys adapted to the mutation that it generates.

In some cases even the standard of beauty have been affected as recently the model “Karly Makiss” from the colony Red Eden (known to be heavily leaning toward Neo-Humans ideologies) had appeared with a navel vessel during a fashion demonstration, making it more and more acceptable for the local population. However it seems that in the case of Red Eden , having seed vessels is a sign of submission more than domination.

Example on a subject having 3  seed vessels (2 breasts vessels and 1 navel vessel)

A popular game found on Red Eden is to fill a vessel with remotely controlled toys that use mechanical/electrical stimulations. Most of the time used as domination tools, the bearer has to go with it’s daily life while the toys are being activated randomly. There are numerous cases of young people accepting to have a seed vessel (or more) being implanted while being uneducated of the ramifications of such an action, some being tricked into thinking it is temporary or can be removed easily.

[If these are ethically questionable,  they provide a steady source of data for our organisation.]

Examples of toys found on Red Eden :

  • Connected vibrating eggs (taking the place of seeds)
  • Expanding spheres with an irregular surface
  • Some variations of the above with small electric shocks
  • “Vessels caps” that can be placed on the lumpy openings to stimulate them remotely

The Elode Syndrome

If the partner doesn’t take measures to control the cravings and indulges in them too much, with repeated exposure to the Elode this can lead to a destructive downard spiral leading to the host being fully dependent on the Elode for basic survival and incapable of leading a “normal life”. This syndrome can be cured by preventing contact with the Elode for long period of time (detoxification) and with psychological help as the syndrome is most of the time the expression of underlying personal problems (like most destructive addictions).   

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