Humanoid creature of unknown origins, Neomorphs are quite mysterious creatures and have shown to be adaptable to most lands environments. They are classified as part of the “hyper-adaptive-organisms” (HAOs).



The Neomorph is a humanoid creature with an average adult height of 2m. Some specimen can be as tall as 3m50.  Its long eyeless skull hides all manners of sensory organs capable of interpreting its surrounding in ways still unclear but clearly more advanced than human’s. Neomorphs are super-predators with high regenerative capacities. By comparison, a bear is a small threat, therefore they should be approached with extreme caution.


Most of the time the Neomorph doesn’t represent a direct threat to humans as long as it doesn’t feel threatened and exhibit solitary/curious traits. However there can be a lot of variability in the kind of character one could be exposed to, the Neomorph itself can have strong mood-swings and become more aggressive, playful or passive depending on the situation.

It is a nomad creature that will settle with its companion once the BioLink is successfully made. The Neomorph is a loyal creature that will follow its companion anywhere and exhibit a very protective behavior. If the companion is menaced the Neomorph will defend it very aggressively.

A fully grown, average Neomorph has the intelligence of a young human (more or less 10 y.o).

Life Cycle

[There are no informations about the reproductive cycle of the Neomorph, however, some testimonies indicate that there are female specimens.]
[Male / female dichotomy is used as the characteristics exhibited by the neomorphs are close to those of earthlings. These categories might be adapted as more information is gathered. ]

After birth (?) the neomorph is the size of a toddler but with great agility and autonomy. So far everything indicates that the creature is immediately autonomous and capable of nourishing / defending itself. Despite its small size the young neomorph is very deadly and represent a serious threat even for adult humans. At this stage the creature will exhibit a cautious/curious character, avoiding contact with most creatures and exploring its environment.

During its early days, the neomorph will mostly feed itself. Its digestive system and organism are capable to digest a surprisingly great numbers of organic elements such as most of humans food but also rotten waste, most vegetals, mushrooms and so on. Their immune system protects them against most of the existing germs allowing them to feed more easly than most animals.

Contrary to humans that have a genetically programmed growth fueled by alimentation, Neomorphs rely on other mechanisms to grow : they need to create a biological bond  with a suitable host : a “BioLink”.

The choice of the host is still obscure as the neomorph seem to be able to perceive the organic structure of surrounding living forms in ways unknown to earthlings.  

Neomorph BioLink

“The BioLink” is a term referring to the relationship made with a “hyper-adaptive organism” (HAO).

The Neomorph’s BioLink preserves the original identity of the partner.

The process of alteration of the partner’s body is called the “bonding phase” during which the BioLink is achieved. It is irreversible.

In its early days, the Neomorph is the size of a toddler and seeks out a fitting organism (the partner) for growth. Without a suitable partner, the Neomorph can’t develop itself.

[In this description we will use the example of a female human partner.]

The first step is to inseminate the partner with a dose of mutagen that will trigger the first mutations. The objective of the mutations is to make the human female capable to feed the Neomorph, make it grow and support its sexual desires. To do so the Neomorph will wait a suitable moment, waiting for the targeted individual to be asleep or incapacitated, relying on speed and agility to inject it’s semen.

As the human absorbs the mutagen, this one will feel pleasure as the fluids start affecting the brain. The endocrinous system is remodelled to match the Neomorph’s and its pheromones. From now on the partner is “marked” and can be found by the Neomorph despite long distances (this process is still pretty obscure). The mammary glands are also strongly affected and are changed to be able to produce growth hormones and nutrients for the Neomorph. Some other secondary changes are  : more efficient immune and cicatricial systems.

At this stage the symptoms are very small, and except for sensations of warmth in the chest area the subject will probably be unaware of the changes. The euphoric effect of the mutation generally causes the subject to downplay the situation.

As the mammary glands and breasts of the partner become more and more active, the Neomorph will feed on them and grow alongside the human companion, engaging in a cycle of : injection of sexual fluids to trigger more mutation with some feeding on the partner’s developing breasts followed by a period of absence to let the mutation to take effect.

The Neomorph will be more cautious in it’s action at the start as it is smaller and weaker but as the mutation goes on it will gain ascendancy on the human partner by becoming physically stronger and by having more chemical influence as the partner becomes more sensible to its pheromones.

As the cycles goes on the following symptoms can be observed :

Noticeable breasts growth

As the Neomorph is a hyperactive organism in a period of extreme development, the mammary glands develop beyond what is human. They start to produce high quantity of milk (up to 20 times more than average). The sensations of feeding (or being feeded upon by…) the Neomorph is more and more pleasurable, while a too long period without its intervention leaves the partner with sensations of uncomfort and itching. If the
partner stays without contact with the Neomorph for too long, milk might start to pour out automatically.

Nipple and areola growth

With the breast growth, nipples and areolas follow the same dynamic, their overall structure accommodating to the intense drain caused by the Neomorph very powerful suction.
The shape and size of the areolas/nipples can vary from individuals but at their final stage their size is impressive and impossible to hide, potentially leading to unwanted social attention.

Developpement of the genital area

The regular absorption of mutagens and stimulation leads to the growth of the vaginal lips and the clitoris to dramatic size. The vagina of the partner becomes capable of extreme stretching without getting hurt and produces big amount of sexual lubricant.


Overall, the human subject will exhibit extreme sexual traits compared to its initial form. Even the habits and cravings will match the Neomorph’s. The individual will need sexual release several times a day (sexual intercourses can last between 15 to 45 min each), with mammary release that only the Neomorph partner can fully satisfy.   

Overall organic changes : If everything keeps the same function (so the primary identity of the individual is preserved) all organic functions are boosted : Better immune system, more resilience, quicker healing, more muscular strength, heightened senses, etc. THe human subject also exhibit less need for sleep and more resilience to stress. A noticeable increase of lifespan is also part of the advantageous changes.

Psychological changes : After the initial period of shock and destabilization caused by the onslaught of new sensations and body changes that the human subject will go thought a boost of confidence as she will understand the advantages of the relationship. (Gain of physical strenght, having a superpredator as companion …)   

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