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The Neomorph is sexually active only with its partner, in some rare cases, some Neomorph may exhibit sexual behavior with other suitable individuals (having the required physical characteristics), most of the time under the impulse of the human partner.

If the Neomoprh can be told to stimulate a normal person (for example oral sex, as the Neomorph’s long and powerful tongue is very efficient) the Neomoph will most likely be bored quickly and require release from the partner.

In its uneducated form the Neomoph is pretty overwhelming, dominant and rough, seeking satisfaction when desires come along. At this raw state it will prefer more dominant positions and will manipulate the partner like a sexual toy (without harming it physically). Most of the time, sexual intercourses would be short and very intense with little foreplay.

In a more educated form, and depending of its character,  the Neomorph can engage into more complex sexual games with the human partner: playing with different kinds of stimulation, and toyin with the partner’s sensations. The dominant status can also vary as the Neomorph would let the upper hand to its partner sometimes. The Neomorph will also vary the rhythm and intensity of the penetrations during intercourses and experiment with the body of the partner to maintain pleasure for longer periods of time. It is clear that the BioLink and the ability of the Neomorph to perceive organic mechanisms leads to very complex sexual games and variations, maintaining a level of novelty and excitement even after long time relationships.    

If the partner refuses it’s advances in a way that is interpreted as “not clear enough”, the Neomorph might start to engage a game of teasing, using a mix of physical and chemical stimulations to push the partner over the edge. If the partner is clearly not in the mood (extreme situation, immediate danger,…) the Neomorph can regulate its impulses. This ability will depend of the level of education of the Neomorph.

Notes on human/neomorph association

So far a BioLink with a Neomorph tends to be more manageable for isolated individuals. The introduction to such a dynamic in an unprepared human group may lead to dramatic social and interpersonal instability as the Neomorph doesn’t respect the human conventions regarding couples. So a Neomorph might very well try to create a BioLink with someone already in a relationship that is sure to trigger extreme responses from the rest of the community.

The hypersexualization of the partner is also a serious cause of social unrest:  the new habits / cravings / appearance of the subject are out of the usual social norms.

However it is possible to make accomodation to such a relationship. With the proper education of the community about the nature of the Neomorph, but also a high awareness of human sexuality, small communities might be able to manage and profit from the Neomorph.

It is very important that the human partner learn to control the Neomorph despite its biological ascendancy.  

Advantages :

  • Having the help of a super-predator is very useful in extreme foreign environments.
  • The human partner’s resilience is also a plus for the community in extreme situations.
  • The ability of the human partner to produce high quantities of nourishing milk can be helpful if resources are lacking. A well educated Neomorph might even help with the harvesting.
  • The advantages of the longer lifespan of the human partner is not to be underestimated. And is certain to attract a lot of attention.  

Known human partner

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