Chris & The Neomorph, part5

This is the last part of C & N in this “single image with text” format next parts will be made as short comics. I am currently working on the script of stories to come, with new characters, enemies and loads of alien cum !

As the ship is getting closer to it’s destination, Chris tries to find a cure to reverse the mutations and get the control of her body back.

5 thoughts on “Chris & The Neomorph, part5

  1. Hey, Chris and the Neomorph is the best series you’ve made so far. Nothing compares to it. I’m not a huge fan of the Neomorph, but the way Chris transforms is just so amazing. I’d love to see the next chapter, and possibly some more change in her sexual behaviour, her body and stuff. And I’d love to see it really soon!

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for the kind words 🙂 I am in the process of rewritting Chris & Neomorph to reboot the story in a better way (with worldbuilding, other character and better transformations).

      1. is there going to be impregnation and pregnat sex and some corruption ? if yes, i’ll pay for it

  2. Really enjoy your art, and C&N is probably my favorite. I would say it’s because it’s not Too corrupted, like some of the rest of your art, even though I do enjoy those sometimes.
    While I can understand other, or even yourself, have a pregnancy fetish. I certainly appreciated the lack of pregnancy in C&N, hope to see more/the new reboot soon.

    1. Thanks 🙂 saddly I am pretty busy and so far haven’t found the time to work on that story. And most likely won’t before quite some time :/
      An about the preggo stuff, it is mostly cumflation/eggs and the likes. I like the transformation aspect (seeing a body swell), or parasitism but the pregnancy aspect is not my favorite fetish either.

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