Lara’s Curse (making of)

> Finished set here <

This is the last fanart set I’m working on right now.

After finding a mysterious relic, Lara is back at her hotel room, decided to finally take a rest and find he origins of the curious object. However the relic’s creator were worshipers of powerful entities, and cursed the object for anyone that would steal it !
Lara is hit by the curse, and her body start to change so it would become a symbol of her crime, and to be sure that she would not be able to hide it, even the objects that she touches are affected !

This one is going to be glorious !

Images are done ! First draft of the script is done and I’m waiting 
for the proof-reading. 
I had to cut things out from the set to respect the delay, working on 
this set made me understand that I need to be more intelligent with my 
rendering choices if I want things to be made well and in time. 
For example there were some nice ideas that I hadn’t been able to 
implement (like the modifying clothes also affected by the curse: 
Every_time Lara would try to hide her body, the clothes would change and
take a very kinky and revealing form) or additional poses or actions but I had to cut these off as 
they were going to take too long to make.

Here are the final images, with the script. The script is going to be proofread then implemented in the images.

OrgasmatronPrime should have finished the proofread by the end of the week so the release should happen the weekend.

Stuff is progressing ! However the isolation and hunger is making me delirious, I’m seeing giant glowing clitorises with …
flower vaginas …

Project should be ended this week !

I am still working on the image rendering after having made days long working sessions ! I am afraid I might run out of food before the end of this project …
Also, fuck hands, seriously…

2 thoughts on “Lara’s Curse (making of)

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to congratulate you for this story which is really great and I would like to know if you want to make a continuation or create a new story with the character Lara?

    1. Hey, thanks ! There is no plans so far to do a followup or another Lara-story. She might come back depending on Patron’s choices 🙂

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