The Pack

Short story written by RaptorEye, with the help of OrionArt.
Proofreading by OrgasmatronPrime.

This image was done as a small quick exercise for me (OrionArt), and inspired RaptorEye to write his story.

I got 8 problems, but a bitch ain’t one

A low hiss woke Katherine from her sleep. “Uhm … Morning”. She opened her eyes as a sweet chirping followed by purring noises came from all around her. The woman sat on her bed before stretching her back, extending her arms over her head and yawning noisily. She couldn’t help smiling. All the little rascals were already awake and they were only waiting for her.

Slowly and very carefully they approached her, before starting to rub their body on her legs. The feeling was fantastic, like a silk blanket that caressed her limbs. They knew perfectly well what they were doing. Katherine could not help but breathe in deeply, enjoying their soft touches. They were a pack of loving puppies.

One of them, probably the alpha, gently lifted her shirt, before nudging her swollen breasts. Katherine giggled. They were not just loving, they were also horny; a group of horny brats. All eight of them. She could feel how the air was getting warmer, how they used their bodies to increase her pleasure. Their caresses become more insistent, more intimate. She could feel her nipples stiffen and her breasts filled with milk in response to their approach. Two wet spots were already spreading on her shirt.

Katherine had to bite her lips to hold back a moan of pleasure. She did not want to give them the satisfaction of knowing how horny she was. The pheromones released by the aliens had done their job. She was so wet and she desperately wanted any of them to start drinking from her tits. The woman took off her shirt before lying back on the bed. She had hoped to have time to take a shower before the morning routine began, but today the little ones were particularly hungry and probably frustrated.

Free from the constriction of her pajama top, her breasts were exposed to the air of the room with two rivulets of pearlescent liquid flowing on her lustful body. Within a few days after the alien arrived, they had become two enormous mounds full of milk. Katherine had seen some videos (for academic purposes only) with actresses who were now less “gifted” than her. Her boobs were almost ridiculous, but having to feed eight mouths-these served their purpose.

The alpha was heading toward her left breast, starting to lick the liquid from her stomach. He moved slowly on purpose to make her crazy with pleasure. He was deliberately taking his time before getting to her lonely and neglected nipple. When his mouth closed around her breasts it was a wonderful feeling. She could feel him sucking, his hands clasping her swollen flesh to help the fluid come out. He was taking big gulps, almost choking from the amount he drank.

Katherine was stroking his elongated head. She could feel his teeth gently biting her breast and the pleasant sensation of the milk coming out of it. She could feel how the little alien was pressing his whole body on her side. How his hands were massaging her tit. She felt like a mother nursing her child. But the similarities ended there. In fact, the woman could appreciate how the alpha was grinding his erection on her abdomen. The smooth texture of his cock pressed on her stomach. The wet sensation of his precum pooling on her body.

It had been a few days since they resumed making sexual advances on her…

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