The Pack

Katherine could not forget the first days after they had arrived. The first time, it had been a single and constant sexual session, that lasted several hours without her being able to rest or sleep. They had taken her by surprise and without even realizing it they had immediately jumped on her. So many cocks to suck, so many orgasms one after the other, her cunt destroyed and left completely filled with their delicious seed.

She woke up a few hours later, covered with their fluids from head to toe. She could barely stand up and after getting to her feet, she headed for the showers. She could see behind her the trace of the seed that gushed from her pussy and fell to the ground. As soon as she arrived in the bathroom, she had washed herself thoroughly, disgusted by what had happened, traumatized by the violence she had suffered. The pheromones released by the creatures had probably momentarily clouded her senses and made her accept the copulation without much protest and she had fully enjoyed it.

After washing herself, Katherine had decided to return immediately to her room and shut herself in to avoid other unpleasant encounters with these organisms. After making sure to have sealed every possible access way, she had decided to get to work trying to forget the misadventures that happened to her.

Even though she wanted to stay awake and alert, the encounter with the aliens had left her completely drained. Giving a last check on the internal sensors and not finding anything unusual, she decided to rest for a while. Katherine sat on the bed and started reading a book. She had already read a few pages when she was struck by a strange feeling of warmth. The more time passed, the more she could no longer concentrate on the volume. A hand slowly began to descend towards her thighs. Katherine began to have flashbacks of what had happened to her. Even if she was initially appalled by what she was remembering, she could not help but start masturbating.

She pictured what happened right after the creatures had jumped on her: one of them was sucking her breasts, while she was busy giving a blowjob to another one. Their semen inside her mouth and all over her body. The feeling of their cocks penetrating her pussy repeatedly, filling her with their nasty, alien cum. As she revived this feeling, Katherine could not help but bring both hands to her slit and began to touch herself vigorously. It was not a normal reaction but the woman did not know what was happening to her. Suddenly she could hear some noises coming from the ventilation ducts.

They were there and their pheromones had reached her. This was the only explanation. Katherine stood up, staggering and wet, and she headed for the door. She had to get out of there and find a safer room, perhaps a sealed deposit. The woman opened the access and some of the aliens were already there, in front of the room. They were smart; very smart. They knew they would not be able to get in and so they set a trap for her. They began to advance toward her, but she did not feel in danger. Their chemical secretions had already overcome her rational mind. Without even hesitating, the woman took off her top and underpants before letting herself to the ground. The aliens slowly made their way to her eager and excited body.

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