The Pack

In those few days Katherine’s breasts passed from a modest C cup to an astonishing double G !

Her boobs started to produce milk. Even the rest of her body was slowly altered by the alien and their fluids. An increased sexual appetite, followed by the spasmodic need to masturbate and be milked by the creatures’ mouths, their little, perfect tongues and their insatiable desire for her fresh milk. Her body was becoming smooth and prosperous. Her hips had increased by several centimeters and her body was losing all its natural hair. Another change had taken place on her private. Her clit had grown, almost doubling its size. The thing that worried her most was her inability to resist the pheromones produced by the aliens and her complete submission to their most animalistic desires.

Katherine shivered for a moment, remembering those intense moments. How the situation had changed in three weeks. She had taken a while, but she had managed to tame the little rascals. Taming them was a very overrated term, maybe making them calmer and a bit educated. They cherished her and respected her routine and her room, giving her time to sleep, eat, and work, even if at times they were still very demanding.

Like now. The boldest of them had stepped forward and was slowly pulling off her underwear. “Hey! Cut it out!” Katherine exclaimed, annoyed. The alpha felt her irritation and at once he hissed furiously against his brethren. The alien immediately stood aside, whimpering.

She did not like to see them like that but she could not let them do what they wanted. Katherine reached out and brought him to her. “Come here, you little baby,” she sighed. She brought him close to her body. Before he could move, the alpha sat in-between him and the woman. The two hissed animatedly before bumping their heads as a sign of affection. The alpha stepped aside and the second male sniffed at her, putting his head on her lap. He knew he had made a mistake, but Katherine smiled before stroking his head. The male began to purr loudly, before nudging the woman’s breasts. “You are incorrigible”, she said, bringing him to her nipple.

He immediately began to suck while the alpha looked satisfied at the result. Katherine was cuddling the newcomer when she heard another one of them approaching her chest. “Come here, don’t be shy.” The third male headed quickly to her free tit before sticking his mouth on it. The two were milking her and Katherine could do nothing but enjoy their lapping. The woman was meowing with pleasure when she felt one of the others approach her nether region. “You do not give up, dot you?” She was a bit frustrated by their insistence, but happy with their devotion.

The male between her legs looked towards the alpha and the latter snarled at him before turning to Katherine. The woman nodded her head and the dominant male chirped happily to the other. The alien immediately began to profusely smell the woman’s private before beginning to gently removing her undergarments. Katherine was now in heaven. He began with a tentative lick at her clit, before moving to her pussy. He was eating her cunt and lapping her fluids. “Good Boy…A very good boy…Oh OH OH! You hungry little pussy-eater!” The woman was in ecstasy. She could feel the couple milking her tits,  pushing their bodies against her form to make her feel the erections she was causing to them.

Meanwhile, the other organisms sniffed the air, feeling her excitement. They decided to rub their frame along Katherine’s legs, bumping their heads on her hot skin, nibbling her luscious flesh. Everything was too much. Another alien came in aid to the first between her thighs, and he was helping his brother to stimulate her pussy. Another of them took her nipple in his mouth when one of her breasts was left free. Two aliens pressed their cocks on her breasts, smearing it with precum. Meanwhile, the alpha was close to Katherine’s head and he was looking at how his brethren were enjoying the woman’s body. The seven of them were already taken by a sexual frenzy and it was not long before one of them would start to fuck her…

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