The Pack

The dominant male hissed noisily and all the others stopped their administration. Katherine’s body had become a single erogenous zone. She was hot and ready for the main course. The alpha slowly paced towards the woman’s pussy. “You want to take first dibs? You’re a really shitty older brother,” she groaned. His deliberate leisure was driving her crazy. The other seven had made some space for him. He was slowly rubbing his dick up and down on her eager slit. The male was just enjoying himself at the moment. “Come on…come on …COME ON YOU LITTLE…Oh…OH!” The woman’s roar was strangled by the sudden penetration.

For a moment, he stood still, quietly savouring the sensation. She was so tight and warm. Her cunt fit his cock like a glove. Then he started to move, gently withdrawing halfway and penetrating her again. He was rewarded with a soft little gasp. Then he gave her a second thrust, closely followed by a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, until he came up with a slow but steady rhythm that she seemed to like, her little gasps and whines punctuating the air like music.

Katherine moaned at every movement, her eyes closed, her lower body joined with the alpha and moving in rhythm with him. They were fucking, completely ignoring the other seven around them. The woman opened her mouth to express all her pleasure, when something entered inside her open orifice. The sudden intrusion made the woman open her eyes and she saw one of the aliens sticking his member into her lips. She could not help but start sucking it, but she was not disgusted. In fact she craved it. She had almost forgotten the taste of their cock and now she savouring it. That salty taste, that particular aroma- it was perfect.

She felt the other creatures rubbing their erections against her body, marking her with their essence. The alpha was increasing his pace, thrusting harder and harder. A final shove and a loud hiss were the indication that he came inside her, his sperm pooling inside her canal. The woman reached the orgasm a second later, feeling the male erupting inside her quivering body. Katherine could sense her womb greedily gulping all that sticky semen, her cervix opening and storing all the male essence within her baby box.

By now the alien on her face was fucking her mouth with reckless abandon. Her maw was full with his cock, her nose was completely invaded by his pungent smell. Without any warning, he spurted his seed inside her gaping orifice, almost suffocating her. Katherine coughed a little, her mouth and face covered with the alien essence. Her expression was vacant, she had come so many times and she was completely taken by their continuous performances. The alpha slipped out of her with a wet pop, his cum gushing out of her on her thighs and her bed.

Another male immediately took his place, pushing himself into her abused pussy. Her mouth was filled with another dick eager to be milked. They were fucking her without any hesitation but this time it was Katherine who started it. She was in control of the situation and even if her senses were overwhelmed by pleasure, she knew that the alpha would stop his brothers if they played with her too much. She was enjoying it. Her orgasms were prolonged and continuous, with the aliens changing positions and holes without ever hurting her.

The woman woke up a few hours later, still in her bed, surrounded by the eight still sleeping aliens. She was sticky and tired, but completely satisfied. From her right side, she heard a sleepy chirp. The alpha was roused by the movement, raising his head in her direction. Katherine could not help but smile to him before gently kissing his face. “Thanks for watching over me. Now I’m going to take a shower and then I have to work for a bit.” She looked at the clock on the wall and shook her head. “You fucked me good,” the woman said, heading for the bathroom, waving her ass from side to side, giving one last magnificent view of her body before closing the door behind her.

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