Lara’s Curse

This is a Patreon Poll-Powered set, I wanted to push my art in this one. It was a good occasion to understand that having such a detailed style for a whole set is not sustainable. From now on Fanart will have smaller amount of images but will be more polished.

The polls choices where : Tomb Raider, and the cursed relic

After finding a mysterious relic, Lara is back at her hotel room, decided to finally take a rest and find he origins of the curious object. However the relic’s creator were worshipers of a powerful god of lust, and cursed the object for anyone that would steal it !
Lara is hit by the curse, and her body start to change so it would become a symbol of her crime…

You can see the process post there (for patrons)

2 thoughts on “Lara’s Curse

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to congratulate you for this story that I really appreciate
    I would like to know if a sequel or a different story about Lara was planned?


    1. Hey, Thanks 🙂
      There is no plans for a followup, and Lara might come back depending on the choices of Patrons.
      Have a good one !

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