Bad Wish

This set was made following the choices of Patrons.
Choices were : Starcraft, Nova, Kerrigan.

You can check out the Process-post of Bad Wish here (for Patrons).

After the death of the tyrant Arcturus Mengsk, the new emperor faced the opposition of the “Savior of Men” and their treacherous manipulations. Confined to spying and sabotaging, the ghost agent Nova finally had the occasion to participate in an attack on the enemy’s stronghold. However, to do so she would have to join the Queen of Blades, formerly known as Sarah Kerrigan,  in her Zerg ship. Nova was strongly disgusted by the Zergs. These monsters had been responsible for the death of millions and the recent “peace” had been too short to really let her animosity dissipate. On top of that, Sarah Kerrigan, the infamous Queen, was also a symbol of corruption: previously a great, human ghost (rival of Nova) and now a horrible Zerg hybrid.

The idea that Sarah Kerrigan was the leader of a powerful branch of the allied forces and her hierarchical superior was distasteful to her, but war is war and at least by being on the Queen’s ship she had the opportunity to collect vital data on the Zergs…

Right from the start, Nova made it very clear to Sarah that she wasn’t going to behave as a subordinate and wasn’t afraid to order the Queen to give her access to sensitive data to make her a more central piece of the plan. Sarah decided to fulfill her wish…in a way.

Despite being the Queen of a swarm of billions of creatures, she was desperately isolated and felt a growing hunger as the Zerg’s instinct and urges fused with her human side in a form of perfect balance. But that balance left her hungry for a kind of contact that she hadn’t been able to fulfill. At least not until now…

During the first weeks of the voyage, Nova started to sneak around in the ship. Being one of the best of her kind she quickly made a map of the bowels of this strange organic structure and placed captors and cameras to spy on the corrupted Queen. However, the mysterious nature of the Zerg and of Sarah played against her: Sarah Kerrigan wasn’t just the Queen of the ship, she was the ship; aware of its internal turmoil and changes like if it was her own body. The whereabouts of Nova wasn’t a secret for Sarah, but she left her to her own devices. Sarah needed her prey to be occupied while she worked on her own scheme: to make her body capable of procreating again and transforming Nova into a suitable mate.

Doing so would require extensive modifications of Nova’s body and mind. The Queen knew that the temperament of Nova would make her perfect, but also absolutely opposed to the project. And if the modifications were too brutal, it would cause Nova to become just an empty Zerg shell, and that’s not what the Queen wanted. She had to exaggerate certain parts of Nova’s instincts and tone down others so she wouldn’t oppose her  when the time would come. Thus, the Queen of Blades smiled as she started to distill her modified essence into Nova’s air, food, and water. Implementing many biological and psychological mechanisms and suggestions, like seeds that would grow unnoticed and bloom fully when the time was right.

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