Bad Wish

Nova had always been attentive to her smell in the past, using many products to conceal her bodily odors that she didn’t like. But during the last 2 weeks, despite the warmth of the air, she didn’t feel the need to use them. Everything had become so fragrant. As the water started to pour on her she could still smell the perfume of the creatures, the ship and…Sarah. She put that cold attitude again. Nova moved her hands along her body, first massaging her neck then moving down. I’m sure she’s hiding things. While her right hand was softly scratching her belly the other moved lower. Hher skin was very soft and sensible. She could even swear that she was sweating less than before. You underestimate me, but I’ll get to the bottom of all this.Her fingers gently stroked her clitoris for a few instants before plunging into her vagina. She had formed the habit of masturbating during her shower everyday. I have to admit you still have a tight butt despite the Zerg corruption. Her hand accelerated and after a few minutes she reached orgasm. let a strong, “Oh yes!”, escape in the throes of pleasure. Nova wasn’t used to being very vocal sexually, but she was feeling decontracted. And it’s not like the Zergs can hear me here anyway

After cleaning up, Nova moved to her computer. She was naked. Since she was here she found it more pleasant after a long day to have a good orgasmic shower and let her skin breathe. She turned the machine on and encoded the final data from her equipement. The map indicated the final unexplored part of the ship and, finally, a path to it. So that’s where you keep your secrets, huh ? Well, tomorrow you won’t be able to hide it anymore. She felt the excitement growing. She had collected more data on the Zerg and Sarah Kerrigan than anybody ever did and she knew the Queen of Blades more intimately than anyone else. Once back to Dominion forces, she would be acclaimed and Kerrigan would have no other choice that to recognize how she underestimated her!  

The next day, Nova was on her way to the mysterious room. She was excited; more than she had been for a long time. As per usual, she could clearly detect the Sarah’s fragrance.he Queen was in the room too. After following a tunnel with walls covered by organic tubes coming from her destination, Nova entered the spacious area: the ceiling was higher than usual and the place was filed by organic machinery and tubes pumping fluids constantly. She could hear Sarah speak with another creature further away and Nova moved in silently, decideing to take them by surprise.

Sarah: “So everything is ready ?”

Other creature, with a lower voice : “Yes, new Queen form can now alter genetic structure of other organisms through reproductive mimicking, with greater skin sensitivity and extended erogenous brain area. Also added the ability to implant seeds if desired”  

Nova kept moving closer to them, moving through what seemed to be amniotic structure, filled with fluids. In them, she could see silhouettes of feminine humanoid creatures.

Sarah: “And for our little friend ?”

The creature: “ Mutation to full effect, DNA strand fully under control, and overall organic structure ready to be altered. Senses and psychic subtrata compatible with Zerg systems and also ready to be adapted, memory and cognitive centers fully prepared for changes without deep alteration…”

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