Bad Wish

Nova appeared behind Sarah, confident : “So that’s where you disappear all the time.”
Sarah turned around and revealed her body. “Oh, Nova, what brings you here ?”

Nova paused for a second. “Is…is it a dick?”

Sarah put her hand on her waist in a defiant attitude. Her body was different than the one Nova was used to seeing: the chitinous plates covering her bust were gone, revealing two very pale breasts ending in pink nipples and between her legs hanged a long phallic organ.
Sarah smirked at Nova. “I decided to upgrade my body to play some games.”

She started to walk towards Nova in a sultry way. Nova was hesitant on  how to react. Sarah’s scent was getting stronger, almost intoxicating. After a few instants, she was right in front of her. Nova was unable to take her eyes off her long, flacid, Zerg penis. Sarah stopped suddenly and her long member swung a bit. “Well,well. You seem to like what you see!”
Nova hesitated, taking a small step back without really making any distance. “What the-What’s going on here!?”.
Sarah moved her hand to Nova’s hair and started to play with them. “You wanted to be a more important part of the swarm and that’s what I have been doing for the past few weeks…”

Nova could’ve easily stopped Sarah’s hand but she felt dazed; her scent was overwhelming. Nova’s body was completely relaxed. Her heart was beating strongly. “What are you talking about?”

Sarah, amused by her state, started to caress her neck and cheek with the tip of her fingers. “Haven’t you noticed any changes recently? The way you feel the ship, my offspring…me?” Nova felt increasingly aroused and her body wouldn’t react “hh…What have you done to me ?”, “We changed your DNA. Now your body is made to react…differently.”

Sarah moved against Nova and kissed her. Nova couldn’t resist and her body reacted with shivering excitement as the Queen’s tongue slid into her mouth. The embrace was soft and sweet and Sarah ended her kiss by quickly licking Nova’s nose. She reacted with an exclamation. Sarah’s saliva contained many substances that started to have an immediate effect on Nova, her head started spinning as the Zerg substances penetrated her brain. She felt warmth radiating from her body and Sarah’s eyes were suddenly mesmerizing. Nova didn’t feel week or incapacitated, but her body was taken by a wave of passivity, unwilling to move against the Queen. She felt drawn to her. Nova started to touch Sarah’s body, caressing her chest. Sarah stood still and smiled. Nova was like a young inexperienced teenager exploring flesh for the first time. She felt the change of texture from the zerg to the human: the soft but striated skin seamlessly merging with the smooth surface of Kerigan’s pale breast, her hand went lower…

Nova’s hand moved down Sarah’s abdominal line. She was very aroused, more than she had ever been. This excitement was also shared by Sarah as the changes induced by the Zerg essence was creating a bond between the two. Like the other creatures of the swarm, Nova was becoming a receptacle for the Queen’s desires. Sarah herself was reconnecting with sensations she hadn’t felt for a long time; of being gently touched by a hesitant hand and of touching soft human skin. She shivered as Nova reached her lower belly. Nova was in a mix of contemplation and hesitation. During the past few weeks, as Sarah infected her with essence, she made sure to boost Nova’s curiosity while tempering down her disgust and, of course, to implement the basic components of a Zerg-oriented sexual drive. Nova’s brain was under the growing influence of those new Zerg impulses in which the Queen held a primordial dominant place. The conflict between the new drive to submit to the domination of the Queen and the natural impetuosity of Nova was an exquisite spectacle for Sarah.

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