Bad Wish

Nova’s hand reached Sarah’s new sexual organ. As her hand moved down the shaft, a predictable reaction ensued and the member grew in her hand. While Nova was playing with the Queen’s new sex, the other Zerg creature had moved behind her, feeling that the Queen would soon move to the next phase of her plans. Almost automatically, Nova started to stroke Sarah’s erect penis, showing that the implantation of the Zerg drives was complete. Feeling that

something was up, Nova stopped and turned around to see that the other creature was behind her and getting closer. “Kerrigan, what is going on?”. Sarah caressed Nova’s neck in response. “Abathur helped me design a new form for you. I’m sure you will enjoy it.” Abathur gently took Nova’s hands in his firm grip. “New form?” Nova gasped as Kerigan groped her butt while licking the back of her neck. “Yes, one that will make you a very important piece of my swarm.”

While Nova was being infused with the Zerg essence, Sarah herself could feel her new body wanting more. Her dick was hard, almost painful and she could hardly wait any longer! She ripped off Nova’s suit in an instant. “Oooh, no underwear I see” She started to put herself against her to feel her body. Nova was gasping as the Queen was furiously groping her, licking, playing. She was horny and wet, and she felt Sarah’s sex throbbing in her back against her wet butt. Sarah could touch this powerless Nova as she pleased, rediscovering the warm contact of flesh “Hmmm it’s been so long!”.

Nova was overwhelmed by Sarah’s desire and her own cravings. “How-how dare you put Zerg essence in me you…bitch!” Sarah chuckled and slipped her hand between Nova’s legs, sliding against her wet vagina. “We both know you enjoyed it, and now you’re ready for the final step.”  Sarah started to poke Nova’s sex with her own and she reacted by arching her back in a submissive manner. Once again her body was more than compliant, “It’s…it’s too big!” Sarah slowly moved forward, inserting herself in Nova. “Don’t worry, your insides have been adapted. There will be only pleasure.” Sarah paused for a second when her penis was fully into her, feeling her insides contracting around her dick. Nova couldn’t believe that this thing was fully in her. She could feel it’s throbbing and heat radiating inside her vagina. Nova started to move her hips out of sexual frustration and to the amusement of Sarah/ “Oh my, what dedication/” Nova blushed.“Shut up and do it already!” Slowly, Sarah started to move back and forth, focusing on the sensations. Nova’s breath was getting heavier as the Zerg member was slowly sliding in and out.     

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