Bad Wish

During the first few minutes, Sarah was going slow, paying attention to each detail of the new sensations. The pleasure was intense. t was just the beginning and she could feel that the end would be so much stronger and powerful than the start. The anticipation made her go faster and her movements increased in amplitude and speed. The room was silent except for the humming background noise revealing the inner workings of the living ship. The only additional sound was the breathing of the two women. Nova was emitting occasional whimpers while Sarah’s massive organ was sliding in and filling her. They kept going mostly in silence. Nova was trying to maintain a facade of control while the submissive Zerg impulses were working in her. She was being fucked from behind by the corrupted Sarah Kerrigan, the great Queen of Blades! Suddenly, Sarah started to accelerate and grunt with exertion.

Her pleasure curve was reaching its final stage and she was taken by the rush to orgasm, gripping Nova even tighter. As Sarah was grunting and speeding up, Nova felt both the Queen’s and the surge of pleasure from the stronger penetration. “Oh…Fuck!” She moaned loudly as the orgasm rippled through both of them, followed by the sudden rush of ejaculation. For a few minutes the room was filled with the screams of pleasure and f Nova was filled with a surplus of Zerg essence; essence that was immediately absorbed by her hungry insides. The Zerg ejaculate started to change her still.

If the orgasm had been strong for human standards, it was quickly surpassed by a stronger desire that came back for both Nova and Sarah. The Zerg instinct wasn’t satisfied by just pleasure, it needed to mold and reshape! It ate it’s way back in Sarah.  For Sarah It was like the body of Nova, started to glow : the newly absorbed essence had made the link between the two stronger and so was the Queen’s control over her new subject.

Nova was gasping, still leaning forward with Sarah inside of her, feelling the small amount of pure essence working in her. Sarah’s presence was stronger, her touch somehow more noticable. Nova knew that she was changing, but instead of being afraid it was making her more excited. The Queen started to move again but this time the thrusts were strong from the start. She reached out to Nova’s head with her hand and shoved her fingers into the submissive ghost’s mouth. “My little, sweet play thing!”.

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