Bad Wish

For the next hour, Sarah kept fucking Nova in the same position, reaching orgasm and ejaculating in her and then starting again and again. The Queen’s body was adapting to her will, her new testicles grew in productivity, and soon, small quantities of Zerg semen flew into Nova constantly. As it went on, Nova could feel the effect of the changes, her senses adapting to the need of the swarm, the progressive swelling of her breasts as they were remodeled to feed Zerg creatures and please the taste of the Queen!
On her belly, new feeding organs started to push their way out, this change was an idea of Abathur’s and his focus on productivity: Nova could therefore satisfy several creature at the same time.

“Ah, this is amazing!” Sarah was euphoric and drowning  in ecstasy. Her superior organism could maintain this kind of intense rhythm for days, and she was feeling her companion reaching a similar level: Nova’s muscles, bones, and overall organs were changing and integrating the hyper efficiency of the swarm. She was becoming more resilient, stronger, faster, and agile…and that meant the Queen would be able to fuck her for entire weeks!

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