Bad Wish

Nova’s breasts had grown dramatically and swung in rhythm with Sarah’s thrusts. They started to emit a sweet fragrance signalling to other Zergs the presence of a source of nourishment: honey! A small quantity of the precious substance started to drop attracting small larvae eager for sweets. Nova, enraptured in an orgasmic fog, didn’t notice the small creatures climbing on her but Sarah noticed. “Hmm, time to eat…” Nova was pinched back to reality when the creatures started to suck on her multiple nipples.

“ Hah…what are you turning me into?!”, Sarah was getting closer to another massive ejaculation. “You wanted to know how the Zerg function and all of our secrets?! Well now you’ll be at the center of it all…” Sarah ejaculated in Nova again and she  started to scream from the pleasure as the fluids poured into her. “You will feel it in you as you will help me breed!”

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