Bad Wish

Days later, Nova was in her shuttle, reading a report of some Dominion officials complimenting her data on the Zergs and her motivation to keep observing these unlikely and uncertain allies of mankind. As she turned off the comm-interface she felt pressure building up in her. She was naked, as usual. It felt more comfortable especially since her suits wouldn’t fit her anymore. She rose up from her seat. The swarm was calling. She could feel the scent in the air and her multiple nipples started to emerge from their cavity and her breasts to engorge. She plunged her fingers in her areola to massage her nipples while contemplating what she had become.

She left the shuttle, followed by Zerg creatures attracted to her own scent, but it wasn’t their time. As she got closer to the Queen, Nova’s arousal increased and her legs became hot and humid as her pussy started to drip. There she was laying, Sarah, the Queen of Blades, waiting for her care. Like Nova, Sarah’s sex was dripping clear desire. Nova stopped at the entrance of the room, meters away from Sarah, staring at her as she stared back with the same lust in her eyes. The first time they played with each other had been 72 hours of unending debauchery. Sarah had been under the spell of her new cravings and Nova was completely under her control. Now that they had taken back control over themselves they liked to play more, testing their resolve and will against their cravings, making their encounters last…

Nova smiled at Sarah who presented her hard member to her. She moved forward and started to walk on all fours in a sultry way, slowly getting closer to the Queen who was admiring the view of those magnificent, hanging, pale breasts rubbing against the warm ground. The scent of the Queen was overwhelming., Nova liked to pay attention to this strong influence taking over her, the heart of the swarm beating in her, synchronizing with her own heart. They didn’t needed to speak to know exactly what the other felt. Nova gently touched the Queen’s sex. Hypnotized by it, she started to lick it and around her she felt smaller larval creatures poking at her, sucking, and filling up with her honey.

The silent room filled with the watery sounds of Nova sucking Sarah, choking on her semen as it flew in her mouth and throat. This was the beginning of an intense week…

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