Non-Sentient Lovers (making of)

Ahsoka Tano And Barriss Offee, two big members of the Non-Sentient Lovers community decides to capture and use a Vixus (Whose sexual fluids are known to give very interesting an aesthetically pleasing changes.). They start to record their adventures to keep the rest of the NSL community informed of their progress. However, Ahsoka has a rare genetical deflect making her very sensitive to mutations, making them very strong despite the mesures they take. After a short time the body of Ahsoka is deeply altered …

For this set I used a new mutation poll thing where I give patrons the opportunity to choose 4 mutations that will affect the “stats” of the character (in this case Ahsoka Tano). Here are the results (reminder 0 = nochanges, 5 = extreme inhuman) :

20 – 05 – 2019
Latest update before finishing the art. I am 1 day late, but the final image is a pretty complex one, let’s finish this on a strong note !

14 – 05 – 2019
Damn I did it again ! Taking a long time to make this set (more than a month) So I decided to cut the fat and reduce it as much as possible to move to the next thing. I’m finishing the art this week ! I’ll also have to learn to make better decisions and be more efficient with my storytelling. I feel like a lot of time could have been won if I had been more thoughtfull about the usefullness of the images I was doing (instead of just making things I vaguely liked at the time).

The next fanart will be a single image kind of thing with a smaller story, and I’ll start to work on comic strips in the future (probably with Chris & Neomorph).
So, a bunch of images are going to be left out, to give you an idea there is 2 images to finish and a bunch of variations.

29 – 04 – 2019
Keeping on moving forward with this set ! Take into consideration that I don’t upload all wip images here (to avoid some redundancy), the final archives and set will have a lot more images. The first image is an example of a bonus that will not be included in the usual “story set”, so it’s a bonus variation wich is a new thing in my work.
Also I just learned that I need to find another place to live within 6 months so… that’s gonna be a wild ride.

19 – 04 – 2019
Things are progressing, I’m still doing something that is a big too big than it maybe should be. But I guess it’s how I am, I like to plan big things and then complain about them being too time consuming :3
That being said, I’m having fun with the hybrid style.

12 – 04 -2019
I’m starting to get the hang on the style of this set ! I also decided to make more variations than usual that will not be present in the “story set”, like preggo, lactation, breasts-expansion, xray etc etc..
There will not be worked background like in the previous sets, I’ll keep them simpler to focus on the characters.

Here are the firsts concept and storyboards. Some news, I’m having several freelance stuff to deal with so my live-stream schedule is gonna be a little bit chaotic. As you can see in the storyboard the story is going to be told “snapchat-style”.

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