Commissions 2019

Here are a selection of art made as Commissions / Patreon Rewards. The full archives (with wips, and sometimes additional variations, gifs and full hd images) are available on Patreon and on Gumroad.

Tracer testing out the mysterious Ora-Solution

One of the very first commission, made for a long time fan : Tsukaja.

Pharah playing with a gift from Tracer

And she is filming it so tracer can see the results …
Commission for Tsukaja too.

Sheela Saltypinch playing with spells…

… and things go wrong of course 🙂
Sheela is an OC from a book serie called : Days and Nights of a Gobliness creation of Draco Aleksander .

Rylan getting into a messy situation

So Rylan is supposed to be a femboy but I think you can see a dickgirl all the same.

What if an Apex fighter used the Ora-Solution ?

In this case the victim is Lifeline.
(Another one for Tsukaja)

Raven is hiding her true form

And an annoying demon is breaking her spell, letting her original form flow again …