Lara’s Curse II (Making Of)

Look at Lara’s Curse I here.

After being cursed by a strange god, Lara and her friend Sam are searching for a cure in some mysterious ruins. However, while Lara tries to keep control of her cursed body, she is attacked by a gooish creature, altering her even further…

Traits before mutation

Pheromones : 0 | Sexual drive : 3 (coming in waves) | Areolas : 4 | Breasts : 3 | Lactation : 2 (thicker fluid) | Genitals : 3 | Lower body : 0 | X-traits : 0

Lara has waves of desire caused by the curse. Things she touches are also affected.

Mutation choosed : Seeder, Hyper-reproducer, Xeno-traits, Feeder

Traits after mutations


Black Goo (A black latex-like organism  that covers its victim and fuses with it, using it as a tool for reproduction. The host gains strength and endurance, and starts impregnating & feeding others to breed more Goo. Fun fact the Black goo gestation period is pretty long compared to humans, forcing the victims to stick around the breeder to get fed while they are repeatedly impregnated.)


One more image to do ! Yup that’s right, we are getting there. So far I have the orgy scene do paint ‘plus variations but that shouldn’t take much time) , make all the fluids versions, and then finally add the text. With the final packaging steps in mind I will end this for the next weekend (I know I have an awful track record with deadlines but this time i’m gonna power through it and do what is necessary to finish ! )
Cheers !

Getting closer to the end ! I just have to work on the rendering of the images :o. I also have thoughts about a bunch of basic variations (like prego, breasts-expansion, etc etc). I am also working on a new timelapse video (of the background).

Okay so I blew my last time prediction off again … but the new (and lasts) images for this set are going to be pretty cool so that’s ok.

Hey !
So I am still working on this “short and quick set” (haha) right now I am taking a break from it and started a shorter fanart for you all (you might have seen some images on Patreon’s lenses) and experimenting with a new format. So here you go, the rendering of the mutant Lara is also a new challenge, making latex-like skin with all the reflections and lighting -and- keeping everything clear and readable is not the easiest thing I have done so far.

Also I am moving out soon, to a better place in a better city which is a big plus in my life right now even tho there is always the fear that comes with those kind of changes. An for Lara’s Curse II, I’ll finish this set in less than 4 weeks (we will get there boys !).

Preparing myself to go to vacation !
It was really fun to work on the goo creature, however it required some experimentation to find the right rendering technique (I use Mode7 ‘s stuff as a reference, this guy rocks for reflective materials !). I think the result is quite good but I think I might have to take 1 more months to finish it. The thing that worries me with this one is that I tend to get tired to work on the same images again and again (it is one of the annoying aspect of making variations like I do). However knowing that Lara’s Curse 1 is the most successful story I’ve made so far I have high hope that this one will be too !

Lasts images done for the set. I am pretty happy with the result ! This set is quite challenging and I am exploring new paths (different types of lights for ex.). I am still a bit worried with the time it all takes (and also I want to stop complaining about that but still…) and i hope the fans are ok with that.
Another thing to take into account is that I had some rough family stuff occuring these past few weeks that have been quite draining, leaving less energy to work on nsfw stuff.

11 – 07 – 2019
Things are moving forward slowly but surely. The first set is done, I have moved to the 2nd (so the transformation one). At start I though “I’m gonna make something easy and quick !” … well I think I just can’t 😮 I need to push the stuff I work on to be satisfied.

Pre-prod stuff

Here are storyboards and concepts for this set. So far there are 3 settings, one before, during and after mutation.

First image wip & sketches

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