Eldar Virus (Process post)

Here are the choices made by Patrons : (in) Warhammer 40k (a) Sister of Silence (is affected by) an Eldar Virus.

Winning mutations 

Hyper reproducer – Feeder – Seeder – Infusion


Pheromones : 0 | Sexual drive : 3 | Areolas : 1 | Breasts : 2 | Lactation : 3  | Genitals : 2 | Lower body : 3 | X-traits : 4 

30-08-19 “It will be short this time”
So I am now starting the p7 of this story 8D, P5 is also finished (I just have the files on another computer, you’ll get the preview soon). I’m going to finish this story with p7, Time to finish this beast !
I really like this new format, I hope that people will too. I will definitely do more comics in the future (not sure if I’ll keep the webtoon format tho, I’ll have to check it out with the patrons to see what they prefer).
Also, I am moving out later than expected, my drive had an issue pushing the whole thing a bit later (today if everything goes to plan).

26-08-19 Not finished as early as I wanted
Of course …
So here are the almost finished pages so far (I just need to add some vfx for the finshed ones). As you can see the art is evolving during the pages, I allowed myself some wiggle room as this is an experiment. The fact that I am drawing fast is also a challenge here, there are a bunch of inconsistencies (proportions and all) that I have trouble dealing with. There is going to be one more page than here and then done ! So in the days to come I’ll wrap this up.

24-08-19 Make the damn research first !
Here are the concepts I did yesterday : The poor (or lucky ?) Sister Of Silence is gonna become a tentacle-woman with powerful and horny new appendages !
At first I didn’t thought that making concepts would be necessary but as I progressed in the storyboard (and in the mutation) I started to doodle to see where I could go and cool ideas came up. I think the concepts are cool, probably the most “alien” so far. And it gave me ideas for an actual parasite I could add in the Orion-verse !

20 – 8 – 19
The first version of the first pages. At first I misunderstood the Sister Of Silence with the Sisters Of Battle. Of course that mistake is going to be corrected in the final version.
I am not sure that making a webtoon is the right idea yet, I’ll have to see of people like that format (even tho I am pretty sure that the “comic” style is a good evolution). Also I need to be careful to not make it too big again ! If I can manage to make short comics with a good enough style quickly that could really help me reach more people and make more interesting content. At least it is the hope I have, we will see where it goes.

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