Zelda fanart (Making Of)

A new fanart is starting ! This time, Urbosa has to save the poor Zelda from the hands of a mechanical vilain. As the lands are ravaged by the robot’s minions, she has to leave with a small group of trusted fighters and find a way to the camp of the enemy. However the path, which avoid the armies of the vilain , is filled with strange & horny creatures …

29-01-2019 Lines done !
So the lineart is done, I am working with a friend that will do most of the coloring work while I advance on the script and finition of this first part of this fanart. It is clearly the one that took most of the time to make…and we are just at 1/2 of it (it is a 14 pages long comic) 8D.
I will talk to friends to traduce it (it will be in french, german and maybe japanese !). I’m gonna push to finish it shortly, ideally this week, but more probably next week.

15-01-2019 Getting there but I am busy :'(
So I am dealing with quite a bunch of sfw stuff these days (I am finishing a 100 pages graphic novel, I have started working part-time on mobile games, also doing the art for a tabletop game, …) and of course I am letting my ambitions for the comic run wild, making it a pretty long process again. You probably except me to apologies (like I usually do), but I understand that being able to relax and do nsfw stuff as I please is important for me. I am already having pretty stressful days so I don’t want to add to it. So I am just moving forward at my pace on this one, I want to offer a more interesting story with more details.
Anyway, here are the progress so far !

10-12-2019 I haven’t progressed a lot :/
So yeah I have been busy with other stuff, and I am taking my time to make a quality thing. Still not sure about the style, but I’m doing my best to keep it viable, not overdo-it. I am understanding that contrary to what I believed, having a good pencil work actually helps a lot, it’s a moment when I can start figuring out the style of the page (volumes and all) so the simplification during the inking is better (I don’t have to think as much during this phase). And every time I am sloppy and try to just jump on the next phase quicker I end up regretting it x)
So no more sloppy pencils !

28-11-2019 Storyboard of part 1 is done ! (And my back is dead toady)
So I have finished the storyboard of the first part, it might be a bit confusing as I don’t need it to be super clean for myself. I have started the penciling of the first page but I am sick AND I broke my back at the gym while doing deadlifts. Hopefully this shouldn’t be too bad but any position other than laying down in bed is pretty painful so my productivity will be affected.
If you want to see the work more in details, check out my PicartoTV channel.
Cheers !

Concepts are almost finished, the overall direction has been found and the structure of the story is also almost finished. I just have to figure out the details, this time I won’t make the mistake of jumping directly in the production without enough research.
For now I plan a comic, with a simple coloring style that will be separated in 3 chapters (maybe, it’ll depend on the complexity of the whole thing). I’ll work something more substantial than previously.