Unwanted Fusion


This set is a bit special, as you can see, the style has changed along the way and if you purchase the wips you’ll see that I had some unused versions of the first image. The thing is that while I worked on this set I wasn’t in my best state : I was tired and a bit stressed because of a few things in my life that made me uncertain about a lot of things. So when I worked on this set I couldn’t stopto redo the thing and I was afraid of taking a different route (which is what I intended originally). I think that part of that is due to the very desire to “make something quick” causing me to stress myself out also the inherent desire to produce “enough” (one of the price to pay for being funded via Patreon).

But I don’t want it to be that way, smut stuff is supposed to be fun-free things for me where I can go crazy and just relax. And this is something I need to put back into it, I have a few ideas of how-to that I’ll try in the future.

Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy this strange little set.

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