“The Quest” (part2), wip

Due to Copyrights claims from Nintendo I decided to transform the story to avoid this issue again. This was supposed to be “Urbosa’s Quest part2” and be a Zelda fanart. But now to be clear this story (even tho it is inspired by Zelda) Is not taking place in the same world and doesn’t involve the same characters ! I’m still figuring out how I will change all that (hence the irregularities in names).

You can see my progress on PicartoTV (where I regularly livestream my work, almost daily).


The young and innocent Princess Hella has been captured by a mechanical villain. Urbossa, protector of the realm, is on a quest to save her before her captor does Hella any harm. However Urbossa‘s already altered body isn’t making it easy and the mutant creature send by the villain are menacing to change her even more…

1-11-2020 P14 Done !!!
Which means I am finished with the art of P2 ! Finally.
Now I have to pack things up correctly in neat pdf files and get the cover done (part 2 is gonna have a cover made by the same artist that made the one of part1; Mtkay). I will also have to deal with the coloring of Tsukaja, I’m thinking about adding it to a final version of the story later.
Anyway, I’m gonna play some games now !

30-10-2020 Pen p14 done !
And I am finishing the lineart as I write these lines.

24-10-2020 p14 Storyboarded
So I thought I would do more but this week was busy. I’m also leaving for a few days (some vacations are welcome). Next week, p14 will be done (and some corrections on the text of p13).

20-10-2020 P13 Done !
Wohoo, now to the last one !

15 -10 -2020 P13 line finished !
Hooray ! Finally finished the line-art and moving to the rendering. This page is pretty neat on top of that.

09-10-2020 P13 pencil wip
So as said before I decided to end the story in p14 (finally). So the story will be finished next week ! I think after that I will take some commissions that i can wrap up quickly as I start working on C&N again 😮
I won’t be working much this weekend as I am out to see the fam.

2-10-20 Page 12 Done !
And another one , an ambitious at that. It was fun working on Princess Hella and Urbossa being intertwined like that. I was thinking about the time it all take and took the decision to wrap up the story in 2 more pages. I was originally thinking about doing 17 or so but that is just too much ! I need to wrap up this story and move to something else x)
Anyway, I hope you enjoy that little story so far 🙂
Now i just need to finish the 2 last pages and package the whole thing (plus a whole bunch of corrections).

P12 sketch is moving forward ! Its a complicated one (drawing intertwined sexy bodies is cool but hard too). I’m still working on it and hope to finish the pencil/ ink today.

P11 is done and even colored ! Now I’m moving to 12 that should be finished by the end of the week. The cyborg commission is also finished, I’m waiting for the commissioner feedback. I’ll pop a video to recap the progress of everything in the days to come.

P11 almost finished ! I just have to make some final adjustments and add the text. And then Tsukaja will deal with the colors. I should finish p11 today and start the text of the “Cyborg Commission”, I am still pretty busy but I try to organize myself better so I can do more in one day.
Anyway, I hope you like this new page, Cheers !

Some storyboarding and a penciled page ! These past few weeks have been pretty full for me : I am finishing a regular 100 pages long comic and I am about to leave for an exhibition this weekend. So I’ve had a hard time working on Urbossa’s Quest part 2, as you might have seen during my last stream (I was so out of it that I couldn’t even sketch). I’ll be back on track next week ! I’m going to use the exhibition as a little pause in my work for OrionArt and refill a bit.

P10 finished ! I haven’t much to say more than the previous update. I’m still waiting for the commissioner to show up and tell me to resume the work on the Cyborg set. As long as he does not, ill keep advancing on Urbossa’s Quest.
P10 was very fun to work on, things are finally heating up and i have to say that making several subjects interacting like that is pretty cool. Only thing that I feel mild about is the speed of it all, I’d love to take the time for Urbossa and the princess to really deal with their bodies and how they changed. I’ll try to squeeze that in in later pages, the story will end after showing their attempt at having a normal life despite the changes (so for ex the princess trying to deal with royal affairs while having leaky breasts and the sudden multiplication of the sand-octopi…).

P10 inked, and p11 roughed (I’m gonna change it quite a bit so the final version will be quite different). More to come soon 🙂
I had to pause the production of this comic to work on a commission (The cyborg story, I’m going to make an update post for this set soon) but the commissioner is not available right now so I am resuming my work on the comic in the meantime.

P10 pencilled ! Now we are getting into the “meat” of it (hehe). This one was very fun to draw, a bit challenging anatomy wise but I really like where it is going. Working on comics is really something i’m starting to enjoy quite a bit and I am pretty motivated to work on future projects of the same kind. right now I have started working on a commission and posing the progress on this comic for now. The pause shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks as the commission is going to be of the same size as a “Subject” story.
I hope you enjoy it all, Cheers !

P9 Done ! It was a nice one to work on and I can’t wait to do the 10th (things are going to be reaaly interesting there). I’m gonna start working on a commission next week (a scifi story in the same format as the “Subjects” stories) so I’m gonna try to squeeze page 10 before working on the commission.

Storyboard is done up to p11, I will work on these until storyboarding the final pages. As the thing is evolving I am going to add even more pages to the project (maybe a total of 16 pages for part2 ?). I said that I wanted to finish things properly and not rush the end, the final action pages are going to be pretty sweet and I want to take my time to aim for good quality. This is a good example of the kind of stuff I’ll aim for for future projects.

Finally back on it ! I’m sorry I haven’t posted more wips, and haven’t been very regular with my post lately; I am pretty busy right now and have to deal with multiple projects and life problems (familly isn’t behaving >:( ). So here is page 8 ! And some colors by Tsukaja, so far all pages but the 8th are colored.

I added text for the 7 first pages, right now I am pausing the production of the comic to work on “Subject 2”; a small set similar to Subject 1 . Subject 2 should take me 1 week to do and meanwhile I am still working in the coloring with Tsukaja ! I have shared p1 so you can see the great work he is doing 🙂

3 – 6 -2020
Getting closer to the end (which is still a few weeks away.) ! I really dig the way the story progresses and I find that there are many things I could add. I’m gonna finish this story so I can jump on other cool projects 🙂 I find it that the comic format has a lot of potential compared to the usual single-image I was used to do. I’m thinking about ways to adapt my “business model” so I can go full comic with OrionArt.

So I finished p6 ! And Today I’ll move on finishing the storyboard of the final pages. With the evolution of the story I think i’ll need to have at least 5 more pages to do something interesting and have an interesting resolution. I want to wrap this thing properly and avoid to cut things too abruptly. I also like to do take enough time to make transformation stuff interesting :).
The rest of the story so far:
p7 : breasts expansion
P8 : Fight against Noiro (Robot) & victory + Urbossa gets a final shot of mutagens
p9 : Urbossa reaches Hella (which is out of her tube) final transformation starts.
p10 : Urbossa & Hella do sex, Urbossa reaches her “final form”
P11 : Conclusion (still unclear what)
P12 ?
I also corrected the skin of urbossa (added the spots & hair-tint changes) + the nipple ring.

Finished p5 and pencilled p6 ! P6 should be done this week and I’ll try to squeeze out 7.

Ink p5 & Storyboard p6 done ! (I also started working on the rendering of p5).

Pencil p5 done, a kind soul notified me of some skin changes I have to add back to the firsts pages to Urbossa. I also made a progress sheet (google sheet) where you can see the progress of the project in more details.

P4 is done (minus the text). I’m gonna try to speed up a bit, I have been pretty tired the past few days and I’m changing my habits to correct that (I’m gonna sleep more basically and do more exercise). I’ll try to finish page 5 by the end of the week, it is technically possible if I can do 3 good streams (so one every last days of this week) and do a page in 6-8 hrs of work. It’s actually a thing I need to think about now: the time I need to make things. If I can manage to be more serious with that then it will improve my ability to make more accurate plans. We’ll see !

Pencil of p4 almost finished, I should be able to finishe the page in the days to come.

Third page is done which conclude the Hella transformation part. Now we are back to Urbossa ! I like this style so far.

So I found out what style I’m gonna follow, black and white with a gradient layer to add a global tint to the thing. I might still add colors later, or more precisely ask someone to add colors. I might still add things later on to these pages such as sound effects and text, but we will see if this is really necessary.

Moving forwad quite well, I like the results on these pages even tho I am still not sure of the kind of rendreing I’ll use (black and white or color ?).
I’m gonna start working on the following pages to give me some time to think about it. I want to do something that will take less time than previously (as part 1 isn’t very successful and with the copyright thing and all) but at the same time I’d prefer to keep things homogeneous (par1 & 2 are supposed to be one 15 pages long story …
We will see !

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