Commissions 2020 – Process Post

Commissions are disposed by most recent first (so you don’t have to scroll to see the last work I did).
Have a good read and thanks for you support !


I finished this one recently ; a cocky adventurer seeks to make a deal with some powerful entity. the fools thinks he can control the creature but fail to realize the full term of the deal…

I may add text on this one later, it’s not part of the commission but I feel like it is a bit “dry” without some explanation ? Or I could let your juicy brains fill the gaps…


Dragoness OC being too careless with slime creatures.
Here is the final version, I’m working hard to make everything well before Christmas time.


Poll 3 results :


Poll 2 results :


Some news : The commissioner is thinking about commissioning for 3 more images for this set (with more mutations) so this one might become even crazier.


Quick commission for @Pets in Winter , Sister Aria the horny ghost-bunny. I experimented with a different approach this time. This one didn’t took too much time despite the painterly style but I don’t know how scalable this could be.


Starting a new commission : an ambitious and daring half-elf adventurer became obsessed by relics he found in forgotten ruins. As time passed, the visions of power of old submerged his mind and he started preparing to summon the entities that lies beyond, hoping to gain their blessing…
This set will have 3 images.


Aliens decided to abduct Tracer (Overwatch). They need her milk …

Finally done ! This was one of the most complex I made. It is fun to work on a “classical” format again, and the commissioner seems interested to have more images of Tracer, so you might see more of her later.
Now to the next one.

After some talks with the commissioner, turns out the alien engineer is playing with Tracer (who is a remarkable subject) after other aliens failed to turn her into a mindless fluid dispenser. The engineer is fascinated by Tracer’s resilience and wants to turn her into a beautiful piece of art…

After a few days I finally finished the final stage. It was hard to figure out the skin mutations. Now I just have to do the intermediate phase and add text.


Single image commission. No body-mod / expansion in this one, just a space princess getting out of a pod and dealing with all the tubing.


Tajana is a D&D character, that is trying to learn alchemy. She wants to create potions that will be helpful to her friends but might have tried recipes that are a bit too strong …

Here are the poll results :

Here is her original , intermediate and final state. I’ll start working on the lines and hopefully finishe this commission by Monday.