Commissions 2020



A more modest commission, this time no modification or polls, Just a cute and pure princess awakening from a virtual-reality pod. And yes all the tubes are important and necessary !
As we can see, they don’t even hurt a bit (we might consider that long periods of time into these pods may have had an impact on the princess’ tatstes and … flexibility.


Here the OC of Chubby Dragoness : Etherial, a playful and a bit careless dragoness.

She was exploring some strange caves filled with funny little slime creatures. Dragon creature tend to see themselves as imperious due to their natural durability and resilience… However she quickly discovered that the slimes where a lot more powerful that she thought.

Note : ChubbyD has asked for 3 more variations with 2 more mutations each. So this character is gonna change quite a bit more !

The transformations were defined by subscribers via polls on Discord.


The OC of PetsInWinter : Tajana, the unlucky cat-lady.

She is a D&D character, that wants to learn alchemy to be of greater help to her teammates. However she aimed a bit high while trying to create a potion that would increase her abilities to buff her friends … Technically her desires were fulfilled as now her milk can grow strange plants whose flowers can be harvested to brew powerful potions. However she has to manage her 4 gigantic breast’s continuous lactation and her new powerful desire to feed those around her …

The transformations were defined by subscribers via polls on Discord.

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