2021 Commissions – Process Post


A set I finished a while ago. Originally I thought I wasn’t gonna add text but I changed my mind.


Commission for Tsukaja as a payment for his services <3
Isoefka ascends to a higher plane of existence and is blessed by the old gods with divine fertility …

Good hunter, can you see it now?! I’m truly blessed. The writhing has ended and I can hear them clearly now. When the night ends I am to bring forward their children. Behold brave hunter, the form they have chosen for me! Now let me take care of you.
[Sinister Laughter]

12-2-21 : Art is done, and we are working on finishing the text.

Tracer’s Transformation 2

Started this one recently : After being reshaped into the incarnation of her own darkest desires, Tracer is healed and trained by the mysterious engineer. The alien creature seems to like her and decides to provide her trainee with some distraction …

As subscribers have decided, the 2nd character is Starfire !


For RozenFire, originally this is a sfw commission to illustrate a rpg character. However RozenFire has asked for a poll based variant … and mentionned he didn’t mind extreme mutations.

4/2/2021 – Set is done ! I added some text to make the story more interesting. I propose the commissioner to choose between “the mistake of a friendly and sorry scientist” or “the revenge of a nasty competitor, who laughs at the results”. He choose the latter (naughty, naughty).

2/2/2021 – The poll is done ! I will start working on this image in the next days.

27/1/2021 – The base image is done and a poll is being conducted on discord to see where the alt. will go.


Commission for PetsInWinter : Lola, bioengineer working on new cosmetic tech makes the mistake to let some new creatures out of their container. Before she can react, they latch to her breasts and start … enhancing them.

Basic little expansion story but with a bigger scale.

This set was really nice to make, for both me and the commissioner. So you might see more of Lola very soon (she isn’t big enough according to PetsinWinter 😮 ).

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