Azifrec Mol is the rpg character of RozenFire, the commissioner who asked me to work on her. I hope you will enjoy to see her change as she goes through many adventures.

CREDITS : Writting by CofeePilot / Script by OrionArt, CofeePilot, RozenFire / Art by Orionart

Azifrec Mol is a powerful warrior, born from an imperialistic culture. In her early womanhood she was a great mercenary, content by a life of violence and conflict. “Might is right” was her philosophy and gold her reward. However the intoxication of success and fame blinded her and she didn’t saw the shadows moving in her back. One day this lack of wisdom unfolded in betrayal, and Azifrec was left for dead in the mountains.

She could have been one of the many violent fools to die in anonymity but fate had a different story written for her. Before the cold of the mountain could claim her life, Azifrec was saved by monks and found tutelage under an angelic monastery. There she healed and learned discipline of mind and body. Feeling death clawing at her and then the warmth of the monks marked her soul : she became a devot of Atol, angel of mercy and martial readiness and never take intelligent lives again.

She fights now with measured strikes of her mighty hammer, laying low all who would bring injustice to the world.



After a long battle against a powerful cultist of Hiln, a necromancer that terrorized local farmers and villagers, Azifrec found herself poisoned by the fiend’s last attempt at hurting her. Exhausted by the fight, isolated in the forest she had no way to stop the spread of the rot. The Necromancer used some sort of necrotic poison, condemning her to see her body fall into pieces in a gruesome and painful manner …

However a small voice attracted her attention, seemingly coming from a small leather bag of the dead cultist.

In it, she found a chest-piece unceremoniously wrapped into dirty cloth. The peculiar piece of metal barely holding itself together and marked by time. Visibly not an object that the cultist was taking great care of. Azifrec felt the poison pushing, the illness spreading. She probably had a weird hallucination as a side effect. She touched the rugged metal “Soon I will be in a worst state that you …”

At her surprise, the metal spoke : “Oh noble warrior, I am Baal,  a weak spirit in a worn out piece of metal. I could only hope to finally fall into pieces and wither away. But you came and ended my tormentor. I may have enough power left to heal your wounds. If you wish so, put me on and we may live another day…”

She understood the strange shape of the armor: a “mimic” , living metal imbued by an ethereal spirit. She already worn one of these in the past, that ended with the mimic creating a doppelganger of herself she had to track for many weeks. A lively experience to say the least.

“I barely know the light of the sun and have never been worn. Warrior, I yearn for the heat of a body…” The armor’s voice was but a whimper, weak and sad. But it had a soft tone, almost charming, “… if we have to die can you let me feel your life just this once ?”

Too tired to travel in the forest, Azifrec accepted. There was after all a slim chance of survival and if the armor failed, well, she would have some company before the end…

It was harder to move for the poisoned warrior, her muscled were sore, her joints painful, cold sweat running down her spine. At some places the necrotic poison had started eating at her skin, the smell was awful. At first the armor was cold, but quickly it warmed up, Azifrec felt its shape subtly changing and espousing her figure.

“Finally…” spoke the armor, “ I can taste skin, feel the soft heat of your life. Thank you noble warrior for offering your figure to me… I can feel the years of efforts and discipline in your flesh, strong, pulsatile womanhood…”
Mimic armors were always strange creatures obsessed by the body of their wearer. But this one had a different tone, warmer and delicate in speech. Its texture was getting surprisingly soft too.

Azifrec spoke to the armor, weird compliments from a mimic about her rotting body was not a priority, it was getting hard to stand, “Well at least you are comfortable, what now ?”,
“I only aim to bring you comfort. My name is Baal. I can be a conduit and infuse your flesh with ethereal energies. My soul is of service, I will only offer and follow your choices Wearer. If you accept my Marks, I will apply them and they will heal you…”
– “What is the price for that power ?” Azifrec replied, too aware of the tricky nature these deals can take,
– “The marks will move your flesh, reshape to accommodate . The more marks the more powers you will have and the stronger we both become. Marks are symbols of life, fire to push the shadows of death away.”
Azifrec laughed at the imaged language of the mimic “Start by curing the rot. And these “marks”, can I remove them ?”
– “Marks are a sign of ethereal infusion, they are permanent. You will keep the choice to wear me or not but the powers given to you will remain…”
– “Uh ! Comfortable and generous- ” Azifrec tripped, her legs suddenly weakening, “Well it is time to see what those marks are about…”

Oh wearer, here are my gifts, choose one… “


Breasts + 3 / Nipples +1 / Lactation +3

Ethereal energies flows in the chest of the marked, making her breasts full and rich. The milk becomes magical, doesn’t rot and can heal some wounds and illnesses, however it is required to milk them daily as they will fill and sore. Feeding becomes a very pleasant action…


Breasts + 2 / Lactation +2 / Lower Body +2

The body of the marked gains a maternal aura, soft and comfortable. Inspiring others to seek care and inspiring the marked one to give softness and warmth…


Mouth, Breasts, Nipples, Lust, Pheromones +1 / Lower Body +2

The marked is infused by bestial powers, gains strength and resilience, however every seven day the Beast gets out and all affected traits by this mark become +3.

“Aknowledged” as Baal finished his sentence, Azifrec was surprised by a stinging sensations in her back. A tattoo emerged on her skin, not bigger than a small hand. During a few minutes nothing happened, the hero still felt as ill as one can be, weak and with an unpleasant mix of cold and hot. Progressively she felt Baal tightening and loosening on her. From the outside the armor seemed inert but the inside was getting active. A pleasant sensation was growing around her chest and spreading to the rest of her body. 

“It’s working !” Azifrec saw her skin recompose within minutes and the stench of rot dissipating, the poison of decay was pushed outside of her, purified by the ethereal flow that was passing through Baal. 
– “The Mark of the Beast will give you strength and resilience …” His voice was low and weak, “… I apologize , Wearer, I am tired, it is the first time I ever Marked a body and I was already weak… harder to speak…” Baal’s voice was withering away,
– “You saved my life, I won’t blame you for being tired. And I am Azifrec Mol by the way. I am glad the gods made us meet ! I thought I was a goner th- Ah !” Azifrec was surprised by a sudden sting in her chest. At first it was localized in the middle of her breast, but spread to her entire chest. The pleasant sensations that accompanied her healing were not going away either, in fact they were building up, shifting from a soft sensation of internal warmth to a burning desire. Her head started spinning as her senses developed, the beast was awakening. “Oh what is …” Colors were becoming brighter, her skin feeling the changes of heat and subtle air flows more accurately. First the flow of energy in her body was pushing it to grow stronger, and more enduring. She was feeling sore but in a pleasant way, like after a successful and intense training session. This was to be expected but the second part was something she hasn’t foreseen : the Beast’s Mark was awakening her fertile female nature.

“Baal ? What is happening – Oh!” Her breasts grew right under her eyes, she saw them swell, the ethereal energies transforming into matter and soon they were barely contained by the caps of the armor and swang down. Azifrec’s heart was pumping harder and faster, giving more blood to the growing orbs of flesh, and she felt them push down in unison with her heartbeats.
– “Baal ?!”
– “… too tired…sorry…to get the beast’s blessing it needs to be satisfied every starting day of the week…”, the exhausted armor’s voice was so faint that a normal ear wouldn’t have heard it but Azifrec’s were now so sensible that she was hearing the smallest sounds around her. She was a bit relief to understand the temporary nature of the changes, but it didn’t made them less overwhelming. Azifrec felt another sting as the Mark kept infusing her with energy, the beast pushing inside and reshaping her so she would be more attractive and desirable. Things were changing on her face and in her mouth, lips and tongue swelling too, teeth pushing. Blood vessels multiplied to satisfy the need for more energy making her skin redder.

The Beast’s hornyness was very clear now “I am turning into an animal in heat !”, Azifrec whispered as her mind flowed with naughty desires and images, reopening memories of decadence and old fantasies she had forgotten. Hopefully she was trained in meditation and knew how to control her desires, another would have been greatly affected by these waves of lust and would have probably lost control. She had never been hornier in her life !  Azifrec was squirming and moaning as the sexual tension grew, passing her hands on her sensitive skin that was begging to be touched, fondled, slapped, penetrat– She had to retake control of her thoughts as they were constantly steering towards the desire to breed. She was batting internally, trying to calm down. The Beast was strong but so was she ! And progressively she got used to the feelings of her bigger body, enhanced senses and bestial sexual instincts that were infusing her mind. 

It seemed as if things would be ok but the Beast made a final push : as Azifrec was laboriously regaining composure the tip of her breast threw her off. A powerful surge of sensations were coming from her nipples, “By the gods !” she whispered as the two tips inflated too. Her areolas, originally pretty modest, became ridiculously big and puffed out profusely from her swollen breasts. She knew she had to let the transformation take its course and focused her mind so she wouldn’t jump on the closest phallic object to rub her groin on like a horny animal. Her nipples, more sensitive with the Beast’s influence were compressed by the mass of the nipples now covering them. This pressure was maddening for Azifrec who tried to massage her breasts in a vain attempt to calm her mammaries but that just enhanced her arousal. Thick juice was pouring from her lady parts and sliding along her inner thighs, she was as wet as she could possibly be. 

In a final sign of internal defiance, her nipples pushed forward to free themselves of their meaty soft prison. Gaining size and length they finally peaked out,  proudly pointing forward. Azifrec looked at them, they were further than the caps of her chest plate that weren’t capable of hiding much. In a vain attempt to accommodate, Baal had tried to grow but was too weak to change its shape, leaving Azifrec’s chest deliciously exposed to the wind that her gigantic nipples were happy to sense with great detail. She caressed her right nipple with her long nails, it felt amazing, the sensations were powerful but most importantly they were new. She was sensing more, with more details and these new kinds of sensations were bombarding her mind. 

Azifrec moved toward her equipment, she had to start preparing for the night. It was clear that she wasn’t in any shape to walk out the forest during the night, not with the darkness and certainly not with a vulva that was leaking juice like a horny fountain. She gathered her last strength to prepare the fire and make a nice little nest. Every move reminds the changes, her elongated nipples and protruding areolas getting in the way, touching her arms while she was cutting wood, picking up the variations of temperature in the air. Her breasts swinging below the plates, her swollen lips creating a strange sensation of stretching on her face she was not used to and her tongue occupying a lot more space in her mouth. She wanted to put her hand in her pussy, and masturbate to let the pressure go but she knew she had to finish the chores before or she would never get done. Hopefully the fire was going to be ready soon, and as she was lighting the small pack of little wood she just gathered she felt saliva building up in her mouth and her breath shortening in anticipation of the following hours. 

The night was going to be pleasant, she wasn’t going to sleep much…  



After vanquishing the necromancer Azifrec’s name was spoken by many thankful inhabitants of the lands. It had been a major achievement for her and one that almost ended in tragedy, if it hadn’t been for her new companion, Baal. 

For an uneducated observer it would have seemed that the reward she got from the mission was meager, the necromancer had settled in an area of poor farmers and the few warrior nobles that were still there had been quickly killed by the For an uneducated observer it would have seemed that the reward she got from the mission was meager, the necromancer had settled in an area of poor farmers and the few warrior nobles that were still there had been quickly killed by the fiend. So gold wasn’t exactly flowing in these lands and Azifrec didn’t get much riches once she was back to inhabited areas. However hospitality is its own reward and it was clear that she was never going to lack help in these lands if she never needed it. A small bowl of soup near a comfortable fire in a small house was enough for Azifrec and if she needed to repair or improve her gear, handy smiths would gladly offer their services to her. Really what could you ask more for?

Especially when you wear an armor such as Baal…

The new companion of the warrior had quickly gotten better. The successful marking made him stronger, like his wearer. His shine came back, and so did his energy. He was an interesting conservationist, his ethereal nature and young age (technically speaking he was born only a few months ago) made him unpredictable and funny, he had an interesting character. They would share thoughts during Azifrec’s long marches and solitary nights. Baal’s curiosity was never-ending, but not to the point of annoying Azifrec, who still liked to contemplate the world in silence. In fact Baal quickly learned what she liked, when and how to speak, how to make her laugh. What else was he supposed to study if it wasn’t his wearer ?

Azifrec had to manage the Mark of the Beast’s effects. Of course most of them had been very useful, and just after 3 weeks Azifrec noted that sore muscles from too long walks were a thing of the past, and so were cramps and joint pains. Her body was stronger, more resilient. And that is not talking about the advantages while hunting or in combat. No the issue was of course when the Beast came out, when her body would grow with her desire to aggressively fuck any potential mate in the near area. The instincts were manageable, she had ways to maintain her discipline and composure under heavy stress but the physical changes were a bit trickier. Her face was exulting a sexy aura with her luscious lips and constantly blushing cheeks. Her chest, despite its dramatic growth would be easy to hide if it wasn’t for the insane sensitivity of her giant nipples, making wearing clothes a real chore. Those traits could bring unwanted attention and instability in these little traditional communities.Really it was better to seek isolation, there were many strong and attractive men and women in these lands. And when the Beast was out, their scent would drive her crazy. So she preferred to stay away during such days … or most of them. On a few occasions she might have found some attractive young lads that showed comprehension to her state.

Another big advantage of Baal, and one that motivated Azifrec to keep wearing him was the comfort of doing so. It was something she wouldn’t outright admit, being used to seek frugality and simplicity, but Baal wasn’t just a piece of metal on her skin. Being a kind of mimic, he was capable of changing his form to be flawlessly following her curves in the most functional way any warrior could dream of. And not only would he cover her body perfectly but his internal side was very soft, silk like with a soft padding that was giving Azifrec the impression of wearing a very light piece of clothing. After all, she was wearing a living creature wrapping around her. He was definitely a charming creature, regularly complimenting or talking with her about aspects of her intimacy, as he was feeling her body pretty much all day long. This charm extended in his actions. One might think that such a creature is limited, mostly relying on his wearer to move. In fact this was how Azifrec experienced the previous mimic armor she wore : pretty passive and with little conversation, but Baal was a whole other animal : massages, warmth, cold, and even pleasant scents! Baal was capable of making Azifrec comfortable in many ways, adapting to the environment and to her state, knowing when to be more present or more passive. The little bastard knew how to make himself forgettable so he could better analyze her, something that Azifrec quickly understood. His exquisite nature was steering a certain way and she had to be careful to not let the animal out of control. After all the previous mimic transformed into a doppelganger and fled, gods know what Baal could turn himself … or her into…     

But, in the end, the practicality and agreeableness of Baal were just perfect and in time taking him off felt more like a loss of time.

On a stormy fall evening Azifrec smiled seeing the village of Megor come into view on the road ahead. She had successfully dealt with a group of local bandits that turned out to be the frustrated men of another village. Local feuds and disputes were many in these lands. Hopefully it was resolved without too much violence. The rain and wind made for a freezing situation but once again Baal transformed what should have been a cold and humid walk into … soft massages after the fight with pleasant waves of heat that combined with the rain quite deliciously. Now Azifrec felt relaxed and clean!

– “You had a point of stress between your right shoulder blade and spine, it seems gone. Have I been efficient?” Azifrec smiled, “Have you ever not been? It’s perfect, I don’t feel any pain anymore.”
– We could go hunt more unsatisfied villagers then !
– Of course, my favorite thing to do,” she snarked, “running in the woods to solve petty grievances. 
– I preferred the woods of Nix, less mud, less rain…
–  I thought you liked rain ?
– This one is colder ! But your body is warm enough.” Baal tightened slightly, and Azifrec closed her cape a bit more to stop some of the rain. They quickly reached the local inn.

There, Azifrec was accosted by a desperate young man who might have seemed a valiant hero if it was not for the toll despair and exhaustion had taken on him. He talked about the presence of a creature plaguing the lands near his city; terrorizing the locals, and breaking the merchant roads. His venom had poisoned many rivers and the young man was afraid that all that famine loomed inevitably on the horizon. So far, the local militia had been incapable of tracking the beast, too elusive for an already thin-spread group. He had been following her trail for weeks and promised a hefty reward for slaying the beast.

Azifrec accepted, winter was getting closer and she would prefer to be in a bigger town by then. And the reward could allow her to upgrade her equipment.

Athlaan, as her seeker was named, guided her swiftly to his lands. His intrepidness was impressive, and along the way he briefed Azifrec on the creature and what he knew about it. Probably a hydra, she thought from the description, seemingly one that had many violent encounters in the past. Azifrec had some experience with these creatures, a terrifying encounter to have, hydras were cunning and powerful but their scariest traits were their intelligence and playful minds. Like cats playing with their prey, except here, the prey was humans having their lives torn apart.

It took them two weeks by horse to get to the city, where the arrival of the famed monster hunter was met with rejoicing and even a small celebration. Excitement was tempered by reality as even with help from Athlaan and the local hunters it took three more weeks of tracking across the mountainous countryside to locate the creature and pin down the location of its lair. 

Of course, during this time  the Beast had been particularly interested in Athlaan, but Azifrec had been strong enough to keep things hidden. She didn’t want him afraid of her, nor getting any wrong ideas. She could afford neither distractions nor serious relationships in her line of work. She also didn’t want to get a bad reputation in the city she planned on residing in for some time. So she just explained to him the truth about the mark, minus the part about  sexual desire. Athlaan was pleased to discover that she could be even stronger, and reassured her he wasn’t afraid, he even found her “Quite beautiful”. These words both flattered and worried Azifrec as it was clear that the young man was growing more and more interested in her. That was not helping the Beast calm down and if swollen breasts were easy to hide by Baal, riding on a horse with a wet pussy was another ordeal… and by the gods, does he smell good!

With the monster’s lair found and the day of the Beast approaching Azifrec needed to act fast or miss the chance to strike the Hydra with her full strength. She’d sent Athlaan by horse to inform the other hunters and lead them to the lair. They would lie in ambush, while she would continue to stealthily shadow the creature on foot. Once Athan rejoined her and the Beast manifested they’d drive the hydra into a pincer attack.

But Azifrec underestimated the creature’s cunning, for it double-backed on her and suddenly it was she who was caught in an ambush! 

She’d been walking a narrow wagon road along one of the mountain rivers when her keen ears detected the tell-tale sound of slithering behind her, so quiet that without her gifts she would never have heard it coming. Spinning round she saw the hydra had  appeared from behind one of the many huge rocks spiking out along the river’s bank, a pair of heads already moving to strike.. She resisted, pushing back and returning first one attack, then several more. However it was clear she wasn’t going to hold for long. This hydra was far larger than she’d anticipated and Athlaan was likely still a day’s ride away leading the hunters! 

She had to act fast, the creature was giving her no respite and no window to retreat. “Baal! I need more powers!”. Baal felt the panic of Azifrec, and it was shared, he had reached the same conclusions as her “I can offer you the Marks of …” Baal suddenly felt one of the monster’s teeth trying to pierce him while Azifrec pushed it away with her spear. He tightened his structure to offer better protection.  

“Just make me stronger!”
– The price of a quick deal will be higher !” Ball Tightened his structure to offer more protection “The Ether has rules I can’t break ! And so it is for your flesh, if I take enough etherium to make you strong enough fast; your body will be deeply changed !” Azifrec had a sense of what it might mean and the kinds of changes Baal was mentioning. She hissed as the monster prepared its next move “It’s that or death, do as best …” Ball reached in the Ether …     

Quick, I need to help ! What to choose ? “

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Mark of the Snake

Mouth+3, Nips+2, Pheromones+1, Lust+1
The Marked can digest food that could kill others and becomes imperious to poison.

Mark of the Womb

Genitals+3 , Pheromones+2 Lust+3
The Marked’s womb becomes a sanctuary of life and can bear monster species. Gestation time is greatly accelerated, desire to breed is linked with the lust stat.

Mark of the Claws

Mouth+2, Nipples+2, Pheromones+2, Lust+1
The mind if the Marked can understand feral and ancient monsters tongue and speak it. These creatures become attractive to the Marked as much as they are attracted to her.

Mark of the Plentiful

Breasts+3, Nipples+1, Lactation+3
Ethereal energies flows in the chest of the marked, making her breasts full and rich. The milk becomes magical, doesn’t rot and can heal some wounds and illnesses, however it is required to milk them daily as they will fill and sore. Feeding becomes a very pleasant action…

While Azifrec was fending off further attacks from the monster, Baal’s spirit extended in the Ether and bargained with the entities that lay beyond. He had to go fast while also keeping his presence calm and controlled, if the entities perceived his urgency they would make their prices higher. Hopefully, he found good marks that would leave the soul of Azifrec (and his) intact, coming from entities of lower places, interested in sensations and matter. Another impact, followed by a grunt from Azifrec, made him retreat from the Ether with haste.  

Azifrec felt the wind knocked from her lungs as she impacted the rock wall behind her. She hadn’t seen the long tip of the hydra’s tail sneak past her guard till it came whipping through the air, catching her in the chest and flinging her backwards. Her bones trembled from the shock and her back screamed in pain. Regaining her footing she fell back to a more defensible position amongst another large rock outcrop that hopefully would limit the multi-headed beast’s angles of attack. She immediately faced the hydra, spear ready. It was looking at her with an intelligent grin, observing her reactions, poking at its prey to test how powerful it was. The hydra’s heads were weaving around her, varying their speed to change attack angles, aiming at her sides and back. The tall spires along the river offered some cover, but Azifrec was trapped. Running away would leave the monster all the openings it needed; she was stuck in a war of attrition against an enemy whose strength, speed and endurance were vastly superior.

The hydra suddenly hissed and growled before jumping down on her left, aiming at her back from a low angle. She immediately reacted and swiftly hit the The hydra suddenly hissed and growled before sending a head around her left, targeting her back from a low angle. She immediately reacted and swiftly hit the attacking head with her spear in a fast and wide motion  before turning back again and preventing another blow from her front. Amidst the frigid river spray and the arduous strains of combat she felt a familiar, warm sensation coming from her hands and chest.

-Baal, tell me it worked!
-You have been marked, the powers of the ether will flow in you!
– H-how long will it take? What powers will I get?
– The marks need to mold your body! It will take a few hours and soon the monster will not see you as a prey anymore…
– What do you me-motherfucker !

Azifrec pushed another head back but failed to stop yet another from crashing down atop her, slamming her to the ground. Its jaws snapped open, poisoned fangs coming down to pierce her flesh, but Baal’s metal protected her. Snatching her hammer off her belt she smashed the head in the side. It let out a shrieking roar of pain and retreated, letting Baal get back to her feet and resume a defensive stance with her spear. And yet the attack continued! In a powerful grunt Azifrec plunged her spear into the nostril of one head coming at her left, then used the butt of her weapon to push back another. The head retreated in a high pitch growl, inconvenienced but not really hurt and again the monster resumed its taunting attitude. The warmth in her chest kept growing, she hoped it was her body becoming stronger, she would need much more strength. 

The battle, if you could call it such, kept on for hours; the sun noticeably moving in the sky as  Azifrec used all her might to fend off the multi-headed predator. Obviously was toying with her;  testing her in a myriad of vicious yet unpressed attacks. Fast and irregular, from all angles, short or long, it was trying to make her panic, keeping her under pressure so she would make a mistake. Sometimes the attacks would come in quick succession, other times several minutes would pass as it seemed to allow her a respite. Should the monster fully commit and come at her full force it would likely win, but for now, it seemed to be treating this not as a fight but more a violent yet enjoyable afternoon game.

But it wasn’t aware of Baal’s influence: the energies flowed into the warrior’s body, feeding her cells and regenerating tired joints, broken bones and pierced flesh. It was getting easier as time passed to support the effort of the fight but Azifrec didn’t feel significantly stronger. However, her chest was getting heavier, something she wasn’t paying much attention to at first, her mind too occupied surviving the creature’s blows. But as her senses and reflexes sharpened, helped byBut it wasn’t aware of Baal’s influence: the energies flowed into the warrior’s body, feeding her cells and regenerating tired joints, broken bones and pierced flesh. It was getting easier as time passed to support the effort of the fight but Azifrec didn’t feel significantly stronger. However, her chest was getting heavier, something she wasn’t paying much attention to at first, her mind too occupied surviving the creature’s blows. But as her senses and reflexes sharpened, helped by the Mark of the Claws, the pressure of the fight required slightly less concentration, the motions of combat becoming not just second nature, but instinctual. After some time she clearly noticed that her arms, in their wide range of martial movements, were buffeting her chest more and more. Soon it was becoming not just an annoyance but an occasional hindrance as the increasing volume of her breasts both impeded her full range of motion and threw her off balance as they bounced and caroomed about her chest. The sensations were getting stronger too, her mammaries engorging and filling, skin stretching, blood flowing.

“Again with my breasts?! I need more muscle, not chest…” Azifrec pondered the marks names: ‘claw’ and ‘plentiful’. If the first one sounded appropriate the latter was a bit more worrying to her. She was not clueless about Baal’s sexual side. She grumbled sarcastically “… ‘plentiful’, great, I always wanted an ample bosom. Baal, care to explain? How the hell does this mark help me fight?!”. Baal couldn’t answer, his energy exhausted by the application of two marks in such a short period of time. Yet being their conduit his form was also subject to their power. The tips of her armored breast-cups were aglow with magical energy, their tips doming outward like a pair of golden orange-halves as they channeled power through the nipples beneath.  

Meanwhile the creature’s moves were getting strangely predictable, Azifrec was moving faster  but she swore the monster had slowed its pace. Was she actually tiring it out? Its attitude too had shifted; before it was clearly aggressive, viscous and unrelenting. But now the hydra was adopting a slower posture, more cautious and keeping more distance. Attacks were becoming more like pokes and prods than deadly slices and bites. Azifrec was trying to keep her focus high but her own moves were softening; lust building as the erotic marks altered her body. Warmth built in her chest, face and… down there.

Suddenly, as she was moving her spear toward a head that was getting a bit close, she felt some pressure relieved from her chest; the chill of fresh air across an exposed nipple as one of the straps of her right breast cap finally broke. Keeping an eye on the monster, she glanced down to see her right tit swinging against her arm while on the left, her swollen nipple was still compressed under the lip of its cap, the straps straining to hold the armor in place. 

“Oh, come on…” she groaned, finally taking stock of just how much her bosom had grown. 

Her formerly flat areola had puffed up as if molded by the distended glowing armor above them, now capping her swollen breasts like the domes of two angry volcanos, from which erupted a pair of huge and incredibly erect nipples that bore little resemblance to the sensibly small nubs she once possessed. She groaned in a mix of pleasure and pain. Flooded with blood and skin stretching tight, her breasts had rapidly become more sensitive in just the past few minutes.The pressure on her left breast was so unpleasant that she decided to free it too and in a fast motion ripped the left strap, allowing the massive teat to finally fully expand.  

-”Strange animal!”-  Azifrec was surprised by the voice she just heard, it had come from the monster. She held her spear up in a guard, but the monster didn’t attack. Its movement became curious,prying, even sensual, its aggression almost completely gone. 

“What’s … going on …”, Azifrec spoke the sentence as her mind wrapped itself around understanding; the Hydra’s moves were of seduction now. It was practically dancing, it’s many long necked heads weaving amongst each other as it exposed the softer parts of its anatomy. And the heads weren’t hissing or snarling anymore but emitting softer, lower pitched noises.

-”Strange animal has a good smell.”-  Another sentence from the monster. 

Animal yourself!” Azifrec spoke in a language she wasn’t aware she could talk: the tongue of monsters. The hydra reacted with similar confusion, heads rising up in surprise in front of the mammal that it had just understood. She whispered to herself “‘It’s not going to see me as a prey’, Baal what are doing to me?! I want to kill it, not to seduce it!” Baal remained silent. 

Another sensation attracted Azifrec’s attention to her chest. Or a set of sensations, building up furiously in her breasts. She gasped as the Mark of the Plentiful finalized its work, nodes of heat emerged throughout her breasts that felt suddenly sore and tense. Her nipples and areolas expanded even more and she dropped her spear to bring her hands to them. It was like they were going to burst! She felt them swelling in her hands, her nipples going from small little points to huge lumps, her areolas burgeoning below, outgrowing her palms. Azifrec let a small high pitch squeal of surprise and pleasure escape her as the pressure in her chest unfolded; the ecstatic sensation of a hundred tiny jolts of lightning lancing through her breasts as her newly engorged glands released themselves and streams of milk began spurting from her hefty nipples in dozens of thin jets. Plentifull…

But the excitement and the surprise quickly changed into dread when Azifrec saw a pair of the hydra’s heads just a few meters from her. She hadn’t noticed it, too occupied by her bosom’s betrayal. She stepped back as the head was getting close fast, but her back hit a rock. The heads were almost upon her now, its nose almost touching her, it opened its mouth, revealing a terrifying range of sharp teeth. Azifrec was panicking, her hands reached for the nose of the beast in a vain attempt to push it away. But the head didn’t attack, and with a smooth motion its large red tongue licked her leaking left teat. Its rough texture rubbed from all its length against the sensitive tip of her breast. She let another small scream escape her that ended in a moan. Azifrec’s eyes were locked on those of the hydra. She fought to hide her terror; one false move and the monster could tear her apart. A tense moment passed, and she bit her lip feeling the creature’s tongue wrap around the tip of her breast and give it a squeeze, roughly extracting another drink. Then, the curiosity in the head’s eyes was replaced by a look of dreamy satisfaction. Releasing her breast, the head pulled away from the confused warrior, and she wasn’t alone; the other heads seemed to be sharing a similar state of confusion; observing the peculiar behavior of the hungry head. Slowly though, the dreamy look in the eyes of the first head spread to the rest, and Azifrec realized they were sharing the taste of her milk between them.

-“Tastes good!”- 

Some heads seemed more uncertain while others were now exhibiting very clear signs of lust towards Azifrec as unbeknownst to her, her pheromones were filling the air. 

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, overwhelmed by the flood of new signals flowing into  her brain; she was perceiving the creature’s presence, in a more animalistic and primal way. The Claw had made its place in her, she was now connected to the primal world and her tongue was tasting the flows of instincts emanating from the hydra. 

However a powerful sensation snapped her out of her trance as the hungry head was back at it, licking her breast. It was more vigorous this time, confident in the good taste and pushing her slightly against the rock face behind her. Azifrec was, again, surprised by the sensations … it’s sooo good!

Another head came from the other side, intently targeting her left breast. She contemplated the situation she was in for a second: two gigantic reptile heads licking at her gigantic dribbling breasts while the beast was sexually signaling to her … and it excited her!  She used the opportunity of a small feud between the heads, fighting for space, to get out of her entrapment. She slid down against the rock, holding her breasts up as a distraction till the last moment when she pulled them down and ducked under the pair of heads. Crouching low she slinked away, grabbing her spear as she went, but the combination of fast motion and being unused to the pendulum action of her newly enlarged breasts made her trip.She winced in pain as the tip of one breast caught and slid roughly along the ground. “Ah damn things!”

Picking herself up she cradled the two massive pale orbs to stop their swinging. How was she going to fight with these things getting in the way? She spun to face the hydra as she continued backing away. There was more space around her now so she wouldn’t be stuck like that as easily. Azifrec looked at the monster, the chances of being attacked seemed slim, the creature was definitely more hungry and horny than angry. The strange situation was giving her an opportunity to stay alive until the Beast manifested. She pondered: I am not strong enough now, but with the added strength of the new marks and the Beast I might be able to beat this creature… and it should be out soon… surely all this excitement will awake it early.

Her thoughts were stopped by a lingering sensation in her lower belly. The lust had not disappeared as she hoped after the end of the marking process. It wasn’t too strong but still more present than usual. But that wasn’t the issue; the hydra, its movements, appearance and even scent had taken on a completely different aspect for her. She was receptive to the monster’s seductive movements. 


The hydra slithered towards her, sensually, the hungry heads spiraling hypnotically at the ends of their long necks as they stretched out in search of her breasts, tongues flicking in and out, lapping her scent from the air as they prepared  to collect the milk that was still seeping from her teats. 

“Ah no!” she growled, gently kicking away the closest head that had moved in low to lap her spilled cream from the ground. The head growled in frustration. Azifrec covered her areolas and nipples with her hands to reduce the distraction, biting her lip in frustration that not only could her hands barely manage that simple job but that the pressure felt incredibly erotic and made a spike of pleasure shoot down to her groin, causing her sex to throb. She grimaced. feeling warm fluid leaking from her nethers. She felt strangely warm all over, sweaty even. Her nose tickled as a pungent yet entrancing aroma filled her nostrils. Was that her?

“So huh … You don’t want to eat me anymore?” she panted, mouth hanging slightly open. Azifrec didn’t notice but her own tongue had grown longer as well.

-“No eat, but… hungry… strange..”- the hydra’s multiple heads were talking at the same time, in a somewhat confused and out of synch manner. – “Not like the other hunters…“-

 “Other hunters?” fear gripped Azifrec as she realized this monster could easily have defeated Athlaan and the others before coming to finish her. “What have you done with the other hunters?”

The hydra was looking at Azifrec with increasing lust, steadily closing the distance between them at a pace just slightly faster than Azifrec could back away.

-”Why know? Give something!”- 

Azifrec was surprised by the intelligence of the monster, even more so by the fact that she was about to bargain with said monster. However, the reversal of power was fascinating, after all what was stopping the hydra from forcing itself on her? It certainly didn’t lack the strength. Nevertheless, she wasn’t about to tempt the devil and decided to move along. She wanted to keep the creature busy long enough to get the Beast’s strength and then bring a fatal blow to the unsuspecting creature… maybe. 

“If I let you drink, will you tell me where they are and what you did to them?”

-“Yes, yes! Drink!”-

Azifrec inhaled. She moved her hands, wet with milk, away from her breasts and behind her back. She arched herself, presenting her pendulous jugs to the creature. The two hungry heads moved to her chest while the others slowly encircled her. She gasped as the tongues cautiously lapped at her breasts again, her milk was a strange and pleasant nectar to the hydra.

-“S-so? Where are they … Are they dead?”-

-“Most not dead, just poisoned, keep for later, upriver near small caves.”-

 Azifrec frowned ‘most not dead’, meaning some might be… she had to hurry to get to them! She looked at the spear on the ground behind the monster that was now all around her; its long tail coiling into a wide ring walling her in. Another head came closer, while the hungry ones were playing with her chest. 

-“Scent so nice”- purred one of the unengaged heads as another slowly, carefully licked her neck with the tip of its tongue. The scales of the hydra were raising up and down, creating mesmerizing waves on its body. The other heads closed in, seeking to have contact with the strange female animal. Now she was surrounded by cuddling giant hydra heads, arms extended to caress some of them. As if she needed any more proof of the creature’s excitement, she saw what was probably its genitals: two disturbingly large appendages protruding out their cloaca. 

“You know we can’t … erm … breed, yes?”

-“Yes, most sad, just contact, smell, tassste.”-

Taste… She wasn’t going to let that monster taste her, she might be a bit aroused but definitely not enough to go there. It was time to try something; if she could just get closer to the spear. But all that play, the influences of the pheromones and the sensations caused by the multiple tongues softly licking her sensitive breasts had sapped her combative energies. Her mind was trying to stay focused on the mission but the mark of the Plentiful had added more than just mass and milk: each stroke of the creature’s tongue upon the tips of her luscious breasts generated powerful flows of pleasant, eroticsensations in chest. She was having a hard time putting these bursts of soft pleasure aside. But then she perceived the Beast peeking out in the back of her consciousness. It was finally awakening! She felt her muscles bulge, infused by the primal will slowly rising within her. Her strength was growing, her sapped energy restored. Soon she would be capable of making a fatal blow to the monster. 

But manifesting into a body touched by other marks not only amplified the Beast’s power, it caused changes Azifrec did not expect. As her arms and legs became ripped with incredible musculature, she gasped as she watched her hands and fingers grow as well. Sharp black claws replaced human nails as she transformed into a deadly creature in her own right. She cringed feeling the joints in her feet pop, and from the discomfort in her boots she guessed they were changing into vicious talons. Her aggression grew, as did her canine teeth into a pair of fangs. Maybe she wouldn’t even need a weapon to finish this battle? 

Yet as her body grew so too did its sexual instincts; a sinuous flow of naughty thoughts and temptations flooding her mind. No problem; this was something she had learned to control with meditation techniques and focus. She slowed her breathing while the Beast grew, centering herself on her core being, feeling her heartbeat inside her chest. 

*Thu-Thump, Thu-Thump*

Taking deep breaths, she felt the mass of her chest increase with each rise and fall. Pecs thickening, growing stronger, pushing her breasts into an even more prominent position. Breasts that were yet again warming, filling out even more. 

*Thu-Thump, Thu-Thump*

On her back she felt a series of pops ripple down her shoulders as muscle was added there too, not just to balance out her chest muscles but to make carrying her heaving breasts an easy chore. She grunted, feeling a surge of power as her shoulder muscles bulked out, an electric jolt that wrapped around her sides back to her breasts, down to their tips. She could feel them tugging downward ever more as their weight increased further.

*Thu-Thump, Thu-Thump*

Just a few more minutes… she thought. But ohhh- my breasts!

Cupping them she could feel their hard turgid forms, skin taught, nipples throbbing. Suddenly a strong wave of lust hit her mind, It was strong, stronger that she’d yet experienced. She breathed her way back to a  state of semi-control but another wave followed on stronger still.

*Thu-Thump, Thu-Thump*

 “Ahhh!” she moaned loudly in surprise. Urges exploded through her brain as the power and needs of the Beast broke through her meditative control and were released. Hunger, lust, need. A need to feed. Azifrec’s eyes snapped open, now glowing yellow with magical power, pupils slitted. She let out a long growling moan as she took in the sight of the pendulous breasts cradled in her arms. Arms that now end in powerful black claws that felt deliciously wonderful to flex against her engorged breasts. Her heightened senses took in her changes as well as the hydra’s response. Her lengthened, now pointed tongue instinctively snaked out of her mouth, tasting the air, revealing to her the flood of pheromones present both from the hydra and herself. She could feel new organs being triggered, ones designed to communicate via the chemical signals of the monster realm. Her moaning deepened, her own voice box altering as the lust grew to unprecedented levels, overwhelming her will. The Beast was out now, and its influence was significantly stronger.

Azifrec moaned and contracted under the weight of the sensations,  the tongues of the hydra on her swollen nipples, being fed on, milked, the pheromones, … the euphoria of the Beast and its raw energy and excitement took over Azifrec’s mind, it was like a powerful hand was smothering her will and motivation. She leaned forward on one of the drinking heads, letting her huge breasts be massaged by the undulating motions of its neck scales  while the tongues were voraciously stimulating her gigantic, leaky, tips. As much as the Beast was a lusty influence pushing her primal instincts to their maximum, she was still herself, a human, only attracted to other humans… at least, until now. Her receptiveness to the hydra was unsettling as slowly but surely her defenses fell one by one. 

“Taste?” one head queried as it licked the back of her head, likely amused by her baldness. The pleasant roughness of the tongue on her skin sent shivers through her spine. The monster’s long snake-like body had relaxed, its coils loosened and spread out haphazardly as its heads were busy trying to get a taste of the woman. A few meters in front of her, the monster’s cloaca was open revealing its gigantic, fully erect, dual penis. Azifrec was mesmerized by it, her body was drawn to the creature’s genitals, its texture appealing, its scent familiar. “By the Goddess…” a new plan emerged in the confused warrior’s mind, a degenerate plan that was making Azifrec salivate. 

“I shall lick you, and bring you pleasure, and you shall leave these lands and their inhabitants in peace, yes?”

-”Yes! Yes, Taste!”- 

“Good…” Azifrec couldn’t believe what she was ready to do and how excited she was about doing it. Her mind quickly justified her outrageous decision as she moved towards the hydra’s genital area.

It will be easier, less dangerous… she dropped her cape, letting her arms free. I Don’t have to use violence, this will please Atol… She clambered onto the creature’s body, using her muscular thighs and clawed hands to grip tight. The hydra responded happily to her firm touch, rolling its body inverted to make her mounting easier as she rode down the creature’s lower part to its upright, humid members, its trembling scales massaging her thighs; No one has seduced a hydra before… She used her hands to gently touch the monster’s pulsating shafts, their warmth irradiating to her exposed bust; This creature is intelligent… She got closer, the creature’s erect dicks now throbbing against her ample bust. As she started stroking them the hydra continued to relax, growling softly, some heads staying away while others kept close, seeking to touch Azifrec, licking and cuddling her.

 -“Good, good!”- 

Her heart was accelerating, saliva building up in her mouth, as the members she was stimulating started getting humid. We need to be quick… for the mission.

Azifrec opened her mouth, wet tongue hanging tentatively between her lips. She hesitated for a second, observing  the rods of bloody pink flesh she was holding in her hands, pressed against her giant tits. She wondered how she was supposed to deal with … these. Her last sexual experiences dated from a decade ago, it was sparse and brutal. She had never had oral sex with anyone, let alone a bloody hydra!

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…” she whispered, as she opened her mouth wide and got her head closer to the hydra’s giant penises.

It only took a moment’s pause though for all remaining apprehensions to vanish as the supernatural desires of the Claws and the Beast combined to give her all the instincts she needed to adapt to the situation; connecting with the common and primal energies flowing throughout all living beings. After all she was now blessed with powerful and old magic that had reshaped her to please many creatures, divine or demonic. 

Her tongue shot out, surprising her with its full length and strength as it wrapped completely around one of the shafts and drew it to her lips. She found herself enthusiastically kissing and sucking the tip while her now prehensile tongue caressed and stroked the member’s full length. Gobs of saliva dripped from enlarged glands to help lubricate their union. A strange sensation came over her as she felt musculature in her throat that had never been there before. She reveled in the pleasures from her new tongue; licking the monster’s dicks with increasing intensity and certitude, feeling the hydra’s excitement and adapting to it. All the while her animalistic side, the Beast, was bombarding her psyche with powerful devious thoughts. 

Yes eat his big fat pricks, suck its violence out of it! 

The hydra’s receptiveness was clear, the creature was reveling in the experience,  letting the heavenly pleasure flow as the strange mammal female was making it feel things it had never felt. The heads caressed her, gently nuzzling and licking her firm muscles and plush curves while she worked over its twin shafts. 

Finally, she felt her jaw distend, semi-unhinging to allow her mouth to open wider still and envelop the entire head of one of the two shafts. The human in her was shocked, even slightly appalled, yet the Beast was ecstatic as it worked the hydra to release.

-“YESSSSS!”- hissed several of the heads in unison as Azifrec’s muscular throat worked over its phallus like a snake devouring its prey, her tongue squeezing tightly. The monster’s release came like a flood; the shaft within her throat spewing its load straight down into her belly while the other rained like a fountain all over their bodies. The hydra’s tail quivered and shook, spasming against the ground as Azifrec held on tight; her claws digging roughly into its scales. She could feel the creature’s muscles vibrating hotly against her loins and responded automatically by grinding against it, forcing herself to the release which she knew was the only chance she had to calm the fiery libido of the Beast inside her. Feeling her own orgasm approach she could bear no more. Pulling her mouth free from the monster’s cock she craned her head back, pulling her crotch tight against the base of the monsters still pulsing shafts to grind her hot sex against his as she screamed at the sky in ecstasy.

Its lust sated, the hydra coiled itself lovingly around Azifrec, its embrace forming a soft nest for the huntress to relax within. For the creature the fellatio and pheromonal influence of Azifrec had been a transcendental experience. So much sweetness and pleasure was something that it had never felt before. It knew very well that she wasn’t a potential mate and yet the experience had bonded it to her. A strange interspecies connection, even a form of love.

Meanwhile, though the release of orgasm had returned Azifrec’s body to her conscious control, the Beast was still in full swing, dulling her self-awareness and keeping her lust high. She relished the lingering taste of the monster’s cum, and now as they cuddled she found herself lapping up as much of the spilled fluid as she could, even cleaning her own breasts with her giant tongue. She partially rationalized it with the need to be clean before joining the hunters. Truly though she couldn’t explain the intoxicating nature of the creature’s scent and taste, but it was as pleasant to her as she was to it.

But as much as Azifrec enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh she knew she had a duty to fulfill. Gently caressing the monster’s muscular coils she graciously reminded it of their bargain. With a quiet rumble of resignation the monster acquessed, agreeing to take Azifrec to the hunters.

Azifrec redonned the pieces of Baal she’d doffed during her encounter. While still much larger than before, the hydra’s suckling had thankfully emptied her of milk and reduced her bust from its earlier high point. Curiously, despite Baal still being unresponsive she found her armored cups had grown larger still, the straps lengthening magically to fit her new, more voluminous breasts. Her body tingled as she adjusted her armor; she could feel the invisible magic bonds that linked Baal’s disparate pieces together weaving through her flesh, making her wonder just what the mysterious creature had in store for her next.

The hydra revealed that after defeating the hunters it had incapacitated them with its poison and marooned them upon a sandbar in the river. The sandbar was on the inside of a tight meander and below a steep cliff, making it impossible to escape without boat or climbing equipment unless one was in exceptional shape. When Azifrec asked why the hydra hadn’t simply killed them all, it replied that it wasn’t sure what it wanted to do with them, but humans tended to upset its stomach so eating them wasn’t an option.

Riding atop the creature’s back, Azifrec and the hydra reached the sandbar swiftly. Witnessing the speed with which they crossed the rough terrain Azifrec now realized why the monster had been such a difficult quarry. Legs wide astride the powerful serpent-beast, feeling its muscles undulating between her thighs, Azifrec felt both an amazing power and a strange attraction.

Arriving at the cliff above their destination she dismounted.

“How did you get them all down there?” she asked, looking out over the rocky, almost sheer in places twenty foot drop.

-“Like this…”- replied the hydra, and suddenly Azifrec found herself ensnared by the monster’s long whip-like tail. It wrapped around her once, then twice, before lifting her upward to face all <number> of its heads about ten feet off the ground.

-“Kissssssss!”- the heads all hissed in unison, and Azifrec dutifully obliged, giving each head a final long kiss in turn which once again  was surprisingly pleasant for her despite it’s grotesque nature.

-”Very good, we go now, trouble this land no more. You save weak creatures, gain more power. Maybe one day you be ruler of them and I”-

Before she had time to respond she found herself whisked through the air by the hydra’s incredibly long and agile tail. Over the cliff edge it took her, so fast she felt she was falling as the ground below rushed to meet her, the roar of the river filling her ears as she descended into the gorge. Then she found herself slowing, the hydra’s tail depositing her with expert precision, its coils loosening just seconds before her feet touched the ground, the feeling akin to landing via a levitation spell.

And almost like magic, the hydra’s tail vanished back up and over the cliff before Azifrec could even say goodbye. Looking around, she surveyed the scene, and immediately wondered just what she’d gotten herself into...


Chapter III , In The Deepest Cave

This chapter is still being worked on, due to busy life for me and the writer (CofeePilot) we can’t offer a precise eta for the release of the chapter. However, here is a short synopsis:

During a travel in a deep cave, Azifrec falls into the territory of Aboleth, a maritime creature with mind control abilities who subjugate its prey to transform them into its mutant servants. Unable to resist the formidable powers of the creature, Azifrec fall into a submissive trance as the hybrid explore her body to start converting it.
Once again Baal has no choices but to reach into the ether to find something that might help …

Azifrec Mol

(The current stats results of Azifrec are in the last row.)

MouthBreastsNipplesLactationGenitalsLower BodyLustPheromones
Mark Of The Beast1(+2)1(+2)1(+2)2 (+2)1 (+2)1 (+2)
Mark Of The Claws3(+2)1(+2)3(+2)2(+2)2(+2)3(+2)
Mark Of The Plentiful3(+2)4(+2)4(+2)32(+2)2(+2)3(+2)
Mark Of The Mother3(+2)4(+2)4(+2)332(+2)2(+2)6(+2)
“( )” stats effects are applied when the Beast comes out, so once every 7 days.

Mark Of The Beast : The marked is infused by bestial powers, gains strength and resilience, however every seven day the Beast gets out and all affected traits by this mark become +2.
Mark Of The Claws : The mind if the Marked can understand feral and ancient monsters tongue and speak it. These creatures become attractive to the Marked as much as they are attracted to her.
Mark Of The Plentiful : Ethereal energies flows in the chest of the marked, making her breasts full and rich. The milk becomes magical, doesn’t rot and can heal some wounds and illnesses, however it is required to milk them daily as they will fill and sore. Feeding becomes a very pleasant action…
Mark Of The Mother : The body of the marked becomes a sanctuary for all monsters. Warm and welcoming. She also gains psychic resistance against mind control.