Lola’s Breasts crisis (Process post)

New images for the final part of “Lola’s breasts crisis”, commissioned by PetsInWinter. We are working on at least 5 images with text. I’m also taking the time to do more intricate and detailed stories with more interaction with the environment. If i work well, this should lead to more spicy situations !

You can read the previous finished part >there<

2/5/2021 – Almost done ! One more image and the text.
As you can see below i am struggling quite a bit with the final image. I want to make it special and putting several actors in actions in the same environment is a tricky thing for me. In the last scene I got lost in the huge ass of Adrianne and trying to really make it feel big and realistic, on top of having trouble finding the right poses.
But still, moving foward !

25/4/2021 – Here are some new images ! I got 2 scenes to finish : The lower body expansion of one of Lola’s friend and the final image when they are all back to Outer Reach’s science complex and having fun ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
And then I’ll have to deal with the story an dialogues. I can’t give a clear deadline for this project, as I have a lot of sfw work to do right now my time is limited and I want to keep things relaxed and experiment a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ For example : it too me some time to find the color scheme of the 6th image below, I explored several options before getting to that one, and think it was worth it. I’m also pushing the dynamism of the images, particularly the perspective and proportions of the elements, I hope it shows.
Anyway, cheers !

17/4/2021 – I’m back from vacations, which means that Lola’s breasts can keep growing !
I’m trying to improve dynamism and style from image to image, I hope that my efforts shows.

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