Dollop’s Infestation

Story commissioned by Mr. Geese.

Dollop (corporate goblin agent) is back in her command center, after a few hours of assessing the situation in a scientific facility : the base has been overrun by a very virulent set of alien organisms that have infested the whole staff, turning them into breeding factories. As she writes her report, she is reprimanding a technician who is begging for help (infested and losing control of her body), for not being able to control the situation. Dollop is even hoping that some serious disciplinary actions will be taken to punish the incompetence of the whole staff (something she will definitely suggest in her report). For her, they just had to follow basic decontamination protocols to avoid this whole situation. However she hasn’t noticed that a small alien organism has survived the decontamination process and is infecting her suit.

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