Hell’s doll (process post)

Commissioned by Tsubaron: Olivia Pierce (From the game Doom 2016) ends up in hell after making some shady deals with demons. However if she wanted more power the demons have another idea for the crazy scientist : remaking her into a horny doll to be used and abused by all demons that wish so.

This set will have 3 stages of Olivia’s transformation, I have decided to make it in a more advanced style and push the rendering a bit. I have to learn how to be more efficient than usual while keeping things high level (or at least it is my objective here, we will se how that goes.)

We are moving forward ! Hopefully working backward is a very hard and rare thing to do, but I still like to enjoy the progress /o/ . The first, 2nd and last images are finished. So far we decided to do a total of 7 images, and those remaining rely on the previously done so it should be faster to make these.

Storyboard finished ! With Tsubaron we decided to add some stage to the story and get to some juicy situations, so we will see what happens to Olivia more in detail.

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