On an imperial rogue trader ship, a stowaway is captured and send to be judged. The young woman, who had barely the chance to make a life for herself, is placed before the ship’s current Navigator. Far from the crew’s eyes, she discovers that her judge is a Tzeentchian cultist and what plans they have for her fate …

Commission for N6 ! This little story will have 2 sets : the first one is Inessa (the Navigator) exhibiting herself to the poor stowaway and the 2nd set will show what happens to the stowaway.

A poll will decide the fate of the “poor” young woman …

31-10-21 :
N6’s commission finally finished ! I’ll prep the archives so it will be available right for the next month. I’ll make a proper article once the credits and cover are finished.

New image done ! One more to go (and the text of course).

Progress …

The art of part 1 is done, along the lines of part 2. Now I’ll start the coloring of part 2 and think of some text to elegantly complement those images /o/

Some progress, the appearance of transformed stowaway is nailed and validated by the commissioner ! However I might improve it a bit to keep our demonic stowaway closer to the poll results.

I am dying of a digestive illness. Nothing too bad (so not literally dying), but enough to take me down for most of my weekend and therefore stopping me from working as much as I wanted. On top of not having the time during the week, I only have some sketches to offer 😡
Here is the transformation of the Navigator and the 1st image of the transformation of the stowaway.

Poll results for the stowaway’s transformation.

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