Corrupted Shell

After a rough battle that left her artificial body damaged, Motoko Kusanagi, (aka Major) is forcefully body-swapped into a unique and luscious shell. The doctor in charge of the procedure was in fact a hit-woman payed to erase her mind and decided to put the Major’s ghost into a bimbo-doll before whipping her. So she could keep a souvenir of the formidable combatant. Hopefully the Major was saved by the laughing man before the evil doctor could erase her mind. However he couldn’t prevent the body-swap and the Major’s ghost ended up in the luscious body. Motoko soon understood that her ghost was locked, and while the engineers of section 9 work to resolve the issue, she has to learn to live with her new, capricious form...

This story was made with Gobbocks and followed the choices of patrons. It was a way to experiment with style and have fun with the situations. We will probably add to this story in the future.

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