Slot 1 – DONE (PetsinWinter – Lola Br. Crisis 2)

Slot 2 –Closed
(RozenFire – Baal’s Embrace)

Slot 3 –CLOSED
(Tsubaron – Olivia Pierce)

Slot 4 – CLOSED


Here is an aproximation of my price ranges. These can vary a bit depending on the complexity of the commission (for example the lineart of a single very simple human character in a simple pose is going to be less expensive than one very intricate character with multiple limbs, a complex exoskeleton over a neon armor mixed with a tentacle monster). The main variation factor is the time it will take to make the image.

You can get a 15% discount on the price of your project if you are willing to use the “poll powered mutations” (my followers vote on the kind of mutations that your character would go through. This allows me to make my followers participate).

Lineart – 50 EUROS (Just clean lineart, can have simple background)

Simple Coloring – 70 EUROS (Mostly flat colors and no/little effects)

Advanced Coloring – 80 EUROS (Some effects / shading & texturing, Lineart partially disappears).

For more advanced projects (full paintings, or other styles) hit me up and we can discuss the prices. keep in mind that full painting will be a lot more expensive. (Example below = 150 USD)

SIMPLE VARIATIONS of an image (so let’s say bigger breasts of the same character) = +30% of the initial price.


> First I’ll talk with you to get more infos about the project. It is better to prepare enough infos so I can have a good idea of what I need to do (if you have references of my own work that you like for the style, existing designs, etc). i want to give you what you want so better take the time to talk things out.
> Once it is done I’ll send an invoice. For me to start working on your project I will need an advance of 30% of the total price.
> After starting I will send you some sketches & notes to see if the project is on the right track. Retakes will be possible to an extend.
> After the “sketch phase” I will start rendering. At this point minor retakes are possible (as long as they are reasonable, small details, etc).
> Once the image is completed, I will wait the payment of the final 70% to send the archive of the project (with wips, hd images, etc)

Interested ? Hit me up via mail at