Zelda fanart (Making Of)

A new fanart is starting ! This time, Urbosa has to save the poor Zelda from the hands of a mechanical vilain. As the lands are ravaged by the robot’s minions, she has to leave with a small group of trusted fighters and find a way to the camp of the enemy. However the path, which avoid the armies of the vilain , is filled with strange & horny creatures …

Lara’s Curse (making of)

After finding a mysterious relic, Lara is back at her hotel room, decided to finally take a rest and find he origins of the curious object. However the relic’s creator were worshipers of powerful entities, and cursed the object for anyone that would steal it !
Lara is hit by the curse, and her body start to change so it would become a symbol of her crime, and to be sure that she would not be able to hide it, even the objects that she touches are affected !